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Group Tours

Availability: 20 Nov 2023 to 10 Feb 2024


Assemble dates:

17 DEC 2023

10 FEB 2024 CNY

Unique experiences:
Ferry to Kumamoto, Satsuma Kiriko Crystal Cutting, Kagura private experience and performance

Sightseeing & Shopping Experiences:
Yoshinogari Historical Park, Yutoku Inari Shrine, Inasayama Tenbodai, National Peace Memorial Hall, Glover Garden, Gunkanjima Digital Museum, Suzenji Park, Kumamoto Castle, Tsujunkyo, Sengan-en Park, Shiroyama Observatory, Ryumon Falls Udo Jingu Shrine, Sunmesse Nichinan, Umagase cliff, Takachiho Gorge, Beppu Jigoku Dani, Daizafu

Special Gourmet Delights:
Sumptuous Japanese multi-course dinner Japanese Kaiseki or buffet in Ryokans/Hotels, local delights at restaurant

Hotel / Ryokan Stays:
06-nights of authentic Japanese Onsen experience in Nagasaki, Unzen, Kumamoto, Ibusuki, Nichinan & Beppu. 01-nights of centrally located hotel in Fukuoka


Day 1 Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in
SQ656 SIN-FUK 0120-0810

Day 2 Fukuoka – Saga – Nagasaki 福岡 - 佐賀 - 長崎
Hotel: Inasayama Kanko Hotel or similar / Western room
Meal: Meal on Board / L / D
Upon arrival at Fukuoka Airport, coach transfer to Yoshinogari Historical Park (吉野ヶ里歴史公園). The archaeological site with pit dwellings, elevated store houses and over 2000 tombs were unearthed from the Yayoi Period, is the best place to learn about Japanese history. After that, head to a local restaurant for lunch [Saga Beef]. After lunch, head to Yutoku Inari Shrine (祐徳稲荷神社). Amongst the top 3 shrines dedicated to Inari (alongside Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto), it is associated with rice, prosperity and foxes. Founded in 1687, it is built into a steep hillside of a valley by the wife of a local lord. Next, visit the Mt. Inasayama Observatory (稲佐山展望台). Close to Nagasaki city, the mountain offers one of the best night views in the world. The night view and observatory’s illuminations create a romantic atmosphere. Transfer to the hotel for check in and dinner.

Day 3 Nagasaki - Unzen 長崎 - 雲仙

Hotel: KAI Unzen / Iseya Obama Onsen or similar / Japanese Western room

Meal: B / L / D

This morning, visit the Nagasaki National Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb Victims. This memorial hall was established for the purpose of preserving as a nation memories of the precious sacrifices of the victims of the atomic bombings. In addition to serving as a memorial, it also serves to commemorate everlasting peace. After that, have lunch [Nagasaki Champon] at a local restaurant. After lunch, head to Glover Garden (グラバー園) which is an open-air museum of Western-style mansions of merchants from the West. The Former Glover House belonged to Thomas Glover, a Scottish merchant who assisted revolutionaries during the Meiji Restoration and plays a prominent role in Japan’s early industrialisation. Following that, proceed to the Gunkanjima Digital Museum (軍艦島デジタルミュージアム). Hashima Island, also known by its nickname “Gunkanjima” (Battleship Island) due to its unique silhouette, is a small island that flourished as a coal mining community from 1890 to 1974. Learn about the history and current state of the island through the fun and interactive activities. Finally, transfer to Unzen for the hotel check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner at the hotel..

Day 4 Unzen – Kumamoto 雲仙 - 熊本

Hotel: Kikunan Onsen Ubl Hotel or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, take the Ferry to Kumamoto (熊本) (around 30min). Upon arrival, head to a local restaurant to enjoy one of the well-known products of Kagoshima is “Kurobuta pork”. After lunch, visit Suzenji Park (水前寺成趣園). Built in the 17th century by the Hosokawa family, the landscape garden has 2 shrines, a plum garden, a gallery and stages for performances. Next, visit the Kumamoto Castle (熊本城), one of three most famous castles in Japan. It houses a museum which contains artefacts from the Kato and Hosokawa clans, as well as detailed information on the castle’s remarkable history. Enjoy some free time in the city. Finally, transfer to hotel for check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner at the hotel.

Day 5 Kumamoto – Kagoshima – Ibusuki 熊本 - 鹿児島 - 指宿

Hotel: Ibusuki Hakusuikan / Ibusuki Royal Hotel or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, stop at Tsujunkyo Michi-no-eki (道の駅 通潤橋). It has local specialties such as Yabe green tea, sake, Yuzu and dried persimmons to offer as well as organic rice and wild vegetables grown with high quality water. Behind the roadside station is the biggest stone arch bridge in Japan. After lunch [Hitsumabushi Set] at a local restaurant, visit Sengan-en Park (仙巌園). In the vast space you will find ponds, shrines, streams and a bamboo grove. The garden uses Sakurajima and Kagoshima Bay as borrowed scenery and the middle is the reconstructed Iso Residence. Here, you will get to experience Satsuma Kiriko Crystal Cutting and bring a souvenir home! The expert craftsmen will guide you on creating your own exquisite glassware, one of Kagoshima’s famous exports! Thereafter, transfer to Ibusuki for hotel check-in. Before enjoying your Japanese Kaiseki dinner at the hotel restaurant, don’t forget to pamper yourself at the Special Sand Bath (砂風呂) in the hotel.

Day 6 Ibusuki – Kirishima – Miyazaki – Nango 指宿 - 霧島 - 宮崎 - 南郷

Hotel: Nichinan Kaigan Nango Prince Hotel / Sherotan Grande Ocean Resort Miyazaki or similar / Japanese room

Meal: B / L / D

This morning, start your day at Shiroyama Observatory (城山展望台). The name Shiroyama means castle mountain as it was once the site of a castle. The observatory has a magnificent view of Mt. Sakurajima and Kinko Bay. Next, head over to Ryumon Falls (竜門の滝). The 2-tiered waterfall is one of the most delightful and appreciated in Kyushu. This afternoon, your lunch [Kirishima Black Vinegar Cuisine] will be served at a local restaurant. Thereafter, continue your journey to Udo Jingu Shrine (鵜戸神宮). Set inside a cave along the cliff, the shrine overlooks the ocean and provides a spectacular view. Next, take a stroll at Sun Messe Nichinan(サンメッセ日南). Located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, you will see 7 moai statues against a vibrant blue sky and ocean. Finally, transfer to hotel for check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [] at the hotel.

Day 7 Nango – Hyuga – Takachiho – Beppu 南郷 - 日向 - 高千穂 - 別府

Hotel: Beppu Onsen Suginoi or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, start your day at Umagase Cliff (馬ヶ背). The unique rock formation resembles a horse’s back, which the cliff is named after. From the observatory, you get a striking scenic view of the geological wonder with the ocean. This afternoon, your lunch [Chicken Namban Set] will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, head to Takachiho Gorge (高千穂峡). Lining the gorge are volcanic basalt columns that resemble the scales of a dragon and the 17m high Minainotaki Waterfall cascading down to the river. Thereafter, enjoy a private experience and performance of Kagura (神楽). It is a form of music and dance dedicated to the Shinto gods during ceremonies where people ask for a good, abundant harvest and wish away illnesses. At the end of the day, transfer to hotel for check in and dinner.

Day 8 Beppu – Oita – Fukuoka 別府 - 大分 - 福岡

Hotel: Grand Hyatt Fukuoka or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / -

This morning, start the morning at Beppu Jigoku Hell (別府地獄めぐり). It features 7 different hot springs such as the Umi-Jigoku was created by a volcanic explosion of Tsurumidake Mountain about 1200 years ago. It is famous and for its sea-blue cobalt blue hot spring water. You can also visit Chinoike Jigoku Hell which features a pond of hot red water. This afternoon, your lunch [Japanese Set] will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, head to Dazaifu (太宰府). Established in the 7th century and served as the administrative center of Kyushu for 500 years, some of the places you can visit are the Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine, Government Office Ruins and Kyushu National Museum. Next, transfer to hotel for check in and enjoy free and easy time for the rest of the evening.

Day 9 Fukuoka – Singapore 福岡 - 新加坡

SQ655 FUK-SIN 0945-1520

Meal: B / - / -

After breakfast, head to Fukuoka Airport.

Bid farewell to Fukuoka this morning as we depart for Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next perfect moments, always!

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