9D7N The Signature Of Japan Kyushu


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9D7N The Signature of JAPAN KYUSHU

  • Flight by Singapore Airlines


  • Fukuoka / Nagasaki / Oita / Kagoshima / Miyazaki / Kumamoto
  • Unzen Jikogu 
  • Kumamoto Castle 
  • Daizaifu Fukuoka 
  • Takachiho Gorge 
  • Ibusuki Hot Sand Onsen 
  • Shiroyama Park 
  • Udo Jingu Shrine 
  • Mount Aso Kusasenri 
  • Kurokawa Town 
  • Yufuin Town 
  • Beppu Hell Jikogudani 


  • Japanese BBQ Yakiniku 
  • Tempura Sushi 
  • Kurobuta Shabu Shabu 
  • Hakata Ramen 

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  • Return Flight Tickets 
  • Accommodations 
  • Meals as per itinerary 

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  • Airport Tax 
  • Visa (If needed) 
  • Travel Insurance  
  • Tipping ¥10800 Yen per pax per trip 


  • If visas are required, the procedure will be given upon verification of the orders. 
  • Only long-term residence permits in Singapore are able to apply (PR/EP/SP/LTVP/DP)


DAY 1 – Singapore – Fukuoka

Assemble at Changi Airport, check in your pleasant flight to Fukuoka Airport, Japan.

DAY 2 – Fukuoka – Nagasaki


Arrive in Fukuoka, Kyushu, Japan, and visit Dazaifu, founded in the 7th century during the Nara and Heian periods and central to Kyushu’s important political and economic government until the 12th century. Afterwards, proceed to Nagasaki to visit the historic residences of British merchants. “Madame Butterfly” welcomes you. Then visit Chinatown and Peace Park. At the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum, you can learn a lot about the atomic bomb. The Peace Park was built to pray for world peace, to show that there will be no more wars. There are not only peace statues and peace fountains, but also many peace monuments donated by countries around the world. Also, in the nearby Atomic Bomb Epicenter Park, there is a memorial to the place where the atomic bomb was dropped, and many people pray for peace. Stay at a hotel in the Nagasaki area.

DAY 3 – Nagasaki – Kumamoto

After breakfast, drive to Unzen Jigoku Hot Spring. When you arrive at Unzen, you will be greeted by jets of water vapor and white smoke curling up. Sulfur rocks can be seen everywhere. The air is filled with the smell of sulfur. There are about 30 lower hot springs such as “Line Jigoku” and “Screaming Hell”. Afterwards, drive to Kumamoto. Upon arrival, look at Kumamoto Castle. (Depending on the repair situation) Kumamoto Castle is located on the top of the mountain and it is an extremely strong castle. Next, you will have the opportunity visit fruit orchard and pick seasonal fruit if season permitted. (seasonal at your own expense)

DAY 4 – Kumamoto – Kagoshima

Takachiho Gorge
Takachiho Gorge

After breakfast, head to Takachiho Gorge, an 80- to 100-meter high columnar cliff formed by erosion of Aso lava. The mysterious abyss, the clear water that springs from the rocks, the fresh greenery of early summer, the autumn foliage, and the majestic and refreshing scenery invite you to a lingering afterglow. Afterwards, head to Amano Iwato Shrine. It’s one of the best places where can guided by the god and calm your mind. Tsujun Bridge is an arch bridge in Yamato Town, Kumamoto City, completed in 1854 with a total length of 84 meters. It is also the largest aqueduct in Japan. Continue to Ibusuki, a famous tourist destination for Ibusuki Onsen. Next, go to enjoy the most famous hot sand bath in the local area at your own expense to relieve the toil of the journey. (own expense)

DAY 5 – Kagoshima – Miyazaki

After breakfast, head to Shiroyama Observatory in Shiroyama Park where you can overlook the city of Kagoshima while looking at Kinko Bay and Sakurajima. It is the best place to see Kagoshima City and Sakurajima. During the period of the Northern and Southern Courts, it was the garrison of the Shimazu family in Kagoshima. Afterwards, board a boat to Sakurajima and visit the lava channel upon arrival. Afterwards, drive to Udo Jingu Shrine, its is a truly unique, one of a kind shrine and a sight not to be missed when visiting Miyazaki. Udo Jingu Shrine is one of Japan’s only shrines located within a coastal cave.

DAY 6 – Miyazaki – Aso

After breakfast, transfer to Kusasenri, which refers to the vast grassland in the middle of Mt. Tohata (one of the five Aso mountains, 1337 meters above sea level). Kusasenri was originally a crater, but it was covered with large green grass. Mount Aso is a massive active volcano in central Kyushu with a diameter of more than 25 kilometers and a circumference of 100 kilometers. There are huge active craters, including Nakadake, and the scenery is spectacular. Go to Aso Volcano Plaza to overlook the beautiful scenery of Aso Volcano (due to frequent volcanic activities, the volcano cable car is out of service.) Stay at the hot spring hotel tonight.

DAY 7 – Oita – Fukuoka

After breakfast, head to Kurokawa Hot Spring Town, which is one of the few undiscovered hot spring tourist spot in Kyushu, with simple and ancient buildings on both sides. Continue to Beppu, which is popular in hot spring resources. Beppu Hell is the most famous hot spring in the Beppu area, and it is the best hot spring in Japan voted No. 1 in West Japan. There are Nine Hells in Beppu, namely: Sea Hell, Shaven Head Hell, Mountain Hell, Cooing Pot Hell, White Pond Hell, Golden Dragon Hell, Crocodile Hell, Blood Pond Hell and Spout Hell. You will be visit Sea Hell and Blood Pond Hell. Continue to the British town of Yufuin, visit the beautiful small stone houses, retail all kinds of souvenirs and so on.

DAY 8 – Fukuoka

After breakfast, take a special sightseeing train to Fukuoka. Continue back to Fukuoka and head to Tenjin Chikagai street, which is the largest underground shopping mall in Fukuoka City and in Kyushu. Besides that, Canal City Hakata is a shopping mall that includes a wide variety of business and leisure facilities.

DAY 9 – Fukuoka – Singapore

After breakfast, proceed to the airport for check-in your pleasant flight to Singapore. Appreciate for you accompany thru the journey, we look forward your next traveling journey with us soon.


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