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Group Tours

Availability: 20 Nov 2023 to 25 Feb 2024


Assemble dates:
19 FEB 2024
25 FEB 2024


Seasonal Scenery:
Sakura viewing at Nishi-Hirahatake Park, Cherry Blossom and Rapeseed Flower Festival at Shimogamo Onsen, Kawazu Zakura Matsuri, Miura Komatsuga-ike Park, Sakuma Dam, Boso Flower Line, Kanguntsuka Cherry Blossom Park

Unique experiences:
Glass Sandblasting Experience at Izu Craft House, Haruhhiramaru Iruka Pleasure Boat Cruise, Yakatabune Dinner Cruise, Painting Experience with Biwa Leaves at Michi no Eki Tomiura Biwa Kurabu

Sightseeing & Shopping Experiences:
Matsudayama Herb Garden, Aono River, Shuzenji Temple, Shigetsuden, Chikurin-no-Komichi, Benzaiten Nakamise-dori, Sea Candle, Enoshima Shrine, Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, Mitsui Outlet Park

Special Gourmet Delights:
Sumptuous Japanese multi-course dinner Japanese Kaiseki or buffet in Ryokans/Hotels, local delights at restaurant

Hotel / Ryokan Stays:
04 nights of authentic Japanese Onsen experience in NishiizuAtami, Kamakura & Kamogawa. 02 nights of centrally located hotel in Yokohama & Chiba


Day 1

Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in

JL038 SIN-HND 0210-0950

Day 2 Matsuda – Shimogamo – Nishiizu/Atami 松田 - 下鴨 - 西伊豆/熱海

Hotel: Nishiizu Crystal View Hotel / Atami Korakuen Hotel or similar / Japanese or Western Room

Meal: Meal on Board / L / D

Upon arrival at Haneda Airport, coach transfer to Matsuda city. Start your journey at Nishi-Hirahatake Park (西平畑公園) ✿, popular for its Kawazu Sakura (early blooming variety) and view of Mt. Fuji. The flower petals are of a deeper shade compared to the Somei Yoshino which is the most famous species of sakura. Located on top of a hill, the park offers an unblocked view of Mt. Fuji on clear days, cherry trees and canola flowers along the slopes. There is also a roller slide which you can ride and take in the cherry blossoms as you slide down the slope. In March, you can enjoy the other flowers on display such as peonies and magnolias. Here, you will also visit Matsudayama Herb Garden (松田山ハーブガーデン) ✿. There is a large variety of herbs and flowers such as nemophila and lavender. The herb building houses an herb shop on the 1st floor where you can purchase products that uses the herbs and flowers such as sakura jam in spring. Next, enjoy lunch [Japanese Course with Seafood] at a local restaurant before transferring to Izu Craft House (伊豆クラフトハウス) for a Glass Sandblasting Experience. Create your own Edo glass cup with unique patterns and designs. The colourful glasses are unique to Japanese tradition and artistic culture. Following that, visit Aono River (青野川) at Shimogamo Onsen (下賀茂温泉) for the Cherry Blossom and Rapeseed Flower Festival (みなみの桜と菜の花まつり) ✿. There are over 800 early blooming cherry blossom trees planted along the river that spans over 4km. The main venue is located near the roadside station which offers a foot bath, food market selling local sweets such as ice cream with seasonal fruits such as melons, citrus or strawberries. Some of the most photogenic spots here are the stairs leading to the riverbank or the promenade that is covered by sakuras, resembling a tunnel. Finally, transfer to hotel for check in. Tonight, dinner [Semi-Buffet Dinner] will be served at the hotel restaurant.

Day 3 Nishiizu/Atami – Shuzenji – Kawazu – Nishiizu/Atami 西伊豆/熱海 - 修善寺 - 河津 - 西伊豆/熱海

Hotel: Nishiizu Crystal View Hotel / Atami Korakuen Hotel or similar / Japanese or Western Room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, start your day at Shuzenji Temple (修禅寺). The classic temple was established in 807 by Kobo Daishi, one of Japan’s leading Buddhist monks who founded Shingon Buddhism. The spring time blossoms located on the temple grounds are popular for its breathtaking views. You will also visit the nearby Shigetsuden (指月殿). It is a sutra library donated by Masako Hojo and is known as the oldest wooden building in Izu. At the center of the hall is the sitting statue of Buddha which is a designated cultural property. The 2m high statue is mostly made up of cedar and is the largest of its type in Izu as well. You will also be visiting the nearby Chikurin-no-Komichi (竹林の小径). The scenic bamboo forest pathway is along the Katsura River that runs through the center of the onsen town. After that, have your lunch [Tempura Soba Set] at local restaurant. After lunch, head to Kawazu. Here, visit the Kawazu Zakura Matsuri (河津桜祭り) ✿, a month long cherry blossom festival. There are over 8,000 early blooming Kawazu-zakura cherry trees and most are planted along the Kawazu River. As one of the earliest opportunity to view cherry blossoms near Tokyo, the event attracts almost 2 million visitors annually during the month long event. Finally, head to the hotel for check in. Tonight, dinner [Japanese Kaiseki Course] will be served at the hotel restaurant.

Day 4 Nishiizu/Atami – Ito – Enoshima – Kamakura – Miura 西伊豆/熱海 - 伊東 - 江の島 - 鎌倉 - 三浦

Hotel: Maholova Minds Miura or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, board the Haruhiramaru Iruka Pleasure Boat Cruise (はるひら丸遊覧船イルカ). The semisubmersible boat gives you a panoramic view of both above and below the waters. In the ocean, aquatic sights such as blackfish, beak fish and damselfish – part of the 17 different species that can be found here. In the upper deck, you can feed the swopping seagulls, Hatsushima and Mt. Omuro. Next, transfer to Enoshima and start exploring the island from Benzaiten Nakamise-dori (弁財天仲見世通り). This is the first attraction visitors see upon arrival. Beyond the bronze torii gates are rows of souvenir shops serving local treats such as whitebait croquettes, grilled squid, sweet dumplings, ice cream monakas and more! The next attraction is Sea Candle (シーキャンドル). One of the symbols of Enoshima, it is an observation lighthouse that is located in Samuel Cocking Garden. The garden is bursting with seasonal flowers, with over 250 kinds of camellias and roses gifted from Canada. The last stop before lunch will be Enoshima Shrine (江島神社). Built in 552, there are 3 shrines here namely: Hetsumiya, Nakatsumiya and Okutsumiya that preside over the safety of voyages. They are also believed to represent Benzaiten, the goddess of the ocean, giving blessings in happiness and prosperity. This afternoon, your lunch [Ramen Set] will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, transfer to Kamakura and visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu (鶴岡八幡宮). The most important Shinto shrine of the city was founded in 1063 and is dedicated to Hachiman, the patron god of the Minamoto family and samurais. Finally, transfer to the hotel for check in and dinner [Buffet].

Day 5 Miura – Yokosuka – Yokohama 三浦 - 横須賀 - 横浜

Hotel: The Yokohama Bay Hotel Tokyu / Yokohama Royal Park Hotel or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, visit the Miura Komatsuga-ike Park (三浦小松ヶ池公園) ✿. The early blooming sakura trees line the railway tracks going towards Kanagawa, with over 1000 trees, the colourful and fragrant spring scenery is in abundance! The pond inside the park is one of the peninsula’s largest site for migrating birds such as night herons and grebes. This afternoon, have lunch [Yakiniku] at a local restaurant before having some time to shop at Mitsui Outlet Park (三井ショッピングパーク). You will find many local and international brands selling a large range of items ranging from daily necessities to luxury goods. This evening, enjoy your dinner [Japanese Course] on board a Yakatabune. It is a traditional Japanese houseboat that cruises along the port of Yokohama, giving gorgeous night views of Minato Mirai, Yokohama, Tokyo Bay and on clear evenings, you can even see Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree and Tower! At the end of the night, transfer to the hotel for check in.

Day 6 Yokohama – Kyonan – Minami Boso – Kamogawa 横浜 - 鋸南 - 南房総 - 鴨川

Hotel: Kamogawa Hills Resort Hotel / Kamogawa Grand Hotel or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, visit Sakuma Dam (佐久間ダム) ✿. The park surrounding the dam has many varieties of cherry blossoms, making it a popular spot for hanami viewing during different blooming periods. In February, daffodils and Kawazu-zakura will be in full bloom! In summer, there are many colourful hydrangeas blooming along the lake. On the way to the next stop, you will see and drive along the Boso Flower Line (房総フラワーライン). The 45km long road has several flower farms and parks, making it one of Japan’s best roads in spring when seasonal flowers such as rapeseed flowers, poppies and cherry blossoms have blossomed. Next, proceed to a local restaurant for lunch [Western Set]. After lunch, visit Michi no eki Tomiura Biwa Kurabu (道の駅とみうら枇杷倶楽部), one of Japan’s best roadside rest areas. Offering not just the typical café and shop, they feature loquats (Biwa) which is the local specialty good. Here, there is an art gallery and hands-on activities such as fruit picking and craft workshops. Enjoy the painting experience with Biwa leaves before transferring to the hotel for check in. Tonight, enjoy dinner [Buffet] at hotel restaurant.

Day 7 Kamogawa – Katsuura – Makuhari – Chiba 鴨川 - 勝浦 - 幕張 - 千葉

Hotel: The New Otani Makuhari or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / -

This morning, visit Kanguntsuka Cherry Blossom Park (官軍塚の桜) ✿. The hilltop park is draped with cherry blossoms and in full bloom, the trees form what resembles a tunnel of sakura. You will also get a panoramic view of the blue Pacific Ocean. Lunch [Sashimi Set] will be served at a local restaurant. After that, transfer to Chiba for hotel check in. The rest of the day will be free and easy and dinner will be under your own.

Day 8 Chiba – Singapore 千葉 - 新加坡

Meal: B / - / -

JL035 HND-SIN 0010-0645 (GRP 1)

JL711 NRT-SIN 1800-0045 (GRP 2)

After breakfast at the hotel, free at your own leisure until departure. Meals will be at your own expense.

Bid farewell to Japan this morning as we depart for Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next perfect moments, always!

Day 9 Singapore 新加坡

Arrive at Singapore

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