8D6N Singautre of Japan Kyushu


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8 days

Group Tours

Day 1 Singapore - Fukuoka

Assemble at Changi Airport, check in your pleasant flight to Fukuoka Airport, Japan.

Day 2 Fukuoka– Nagasaki

Arrive Fukuoka, Japan. Begin the journey visit to Dazaifu, the ex-Kyushu's important political and economic government. Next stop shall visit to Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum, explore and learn the effect 2nd War of atomic bomb. The Peace Park was built to pray for world peace, and remind peace in the world. Next, free and leisure Chinatown before transfer back to hotel.

Day 3 Nagasaki – Kumamoto - Ibusuki

After breakfast, drive to Unzen Jigoku Hot Spring. When you arrive at Unzen, you will be greeted by jets of water vapor and white smoke curling up. Sulfur rocks can be seen everywhere. The air is filled with the smell of sulfur. Afterwards, cross the Ariake by ferry to Kumamoto. Visit the Kumamoto Castle. (exclude entrance of Tower). Next, move towards to southern - Ibusuki, one of the famous onsen town among in Japan. Ibusuki is famous with it Hot sand Bath .( Inclusive Dry onsen : Hot sand Bath)

Day 4 Ibusuki –Miyazaki -Aso

After breakfast, head to Shiroyama Observatory in Shiroyama Park where you can overlook the city of Kagoshima while looking at Kinko Bay and Sakurajima. Next, visit to the Kirishima Shrine's which designated as an important cultural property. Afterwards, drive to Aoshima, home to Japan's only undulating rock formations, known as the 'Spirit's Washboard'. The undulating rocks are heaped with sand and gravel and extend to the outskirts of Aoshima.

Day 5 Aso - Oita

After breakfast, head to Takachiho Gorge, an 80- to 100-meter high columnar cliff formed by erosion of Aso lava. The mysterious abyss, the clear water that springs from the rocks, the fresh greenery of early summer, the autumn foliage, and the majestic and refreshing scenery invite you to a lingering afterglow. Continue to Kusasenri, which refers to the vast grassland in the middle of Mt. Tohata (one of the five Aso mountains, 1337 meters above sea level).

Day 6 Oita – Fukuoka

After breakfast, transfer to Beppu which is popular in hot spring resources. Beppu Hell is the most famous hot spring in the Beppu area, and it is the best hot spring in Japan voted No. 1 in West Japan. There are Nine Hells in Beppu, namely: Sea Hell, Shaven Head Hell, Mountain Hell, Cooing Pot Hell, White Pond Hell, Golden Dragon Hell, Crocodile Hell, Blood Pond Hell and Spout Hell. You will be visit Sea Hell and Blood Pond Hell. Continue to the British town of Yufuin, visit the beautiful small stone houses, retail all kinds of souvenirs and so on. Next, ride the sightseeing train from Oita to Fukuoka.

Day 7 Fukuoka

After breakfast, visit to Tenjin Chikagai street, which is the largest underground shopping mall in Fukuoka City and in Kyushu. Besides that, Canal City Hakata is a shopping mall that includes a wide variety of business and leisure facilities.

Day 8 Fukuoka– Singapore

After breakfast, proceed to the airport for check-in your pleasant flight to Singapore. Appreciate for you accompany thru the journey, we look forward your next travelling journey with us soon

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