8D6N Yummy Taiwan with Xixi


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8 days

Group Tours

Day 1 Singapore - Taoyuan, Taiwan

Assemble at Changi Airport, proceed check in your pleasant flight to Taoyuan, Taiwan. Noon flight arrangement will extra 1 night hotel accommodation.

Day 2 Taoyuan - Changhua - Chiayi

After breakfast, head to the Fan-shaped Station, a historically significant and one of the oldest train stations in Taiwan, known for its unique fan-shaped design. There, you can taste "Guogou Meat Buns," a famous snack similar to tangyuan (glutinous rice balls). Continuing, visit to Lugang Old Street, one of the oldest and most culturally significant streets in Taiwan. One of the highlights there is Ah Zhen Meat Buns, a famous food stall that offers a specialty local delicacy. Next, proceed to the Glass Mazu Temple, which is made up of hundreds of thousands of colorful glass pieces, creating a dazzling and eye-catching sight. Whether in the sunlight or illuminated by the evening lights, the glass reflects a magnificent array of colors, creating a spectacular display.

Day 3 Chiayi - Tainan

After breakfast, visit the to Huiyi Forest Village, a tourist attraction centered around an eco-farm and leisure vacation theme. Continuing journey to Guohua Street, where the buildings on both sides of the street showcase traditional stone architecture and European colonial-style buildings, showcasing the history and culture of Changhua City. While there, you can taste the famous local traditional snack called "Fushenghao Bowl Rice Cake." Next, head to Anping Old Street, a well-preserved traditional street that exhibits rich historical and cultural heritage. One of the highlights there is Chen's Oyster Roll, a famous food stall that offers a specialty local delicacy. At last, proceed to Tainan's Lin Department Store, where you can enjoy a pleasant time shopping and relaxing.

Day 4 Tainan - Nantou - Taichung

After breakfast, visit the Indigenous Mountain Products Center. It is a place dedicated to showcasing and selling cultural and artisanal products of Taiwan's indigenous people. Continuing the journey, visit to Sun Moon Lake to take a boat ride and enjoy the picturesque lake scenery while exploring the surrounding landscapes and attractions. In the evening, visit to Fengjia Night Market, one of the most famous night markets in Taichung, Taiwan.

Day 5 Taichung - Xinzhu - Taipei

After breakfast, head to the Beipu Old Street in Hsinchu, which is hailed as one of the best-preserved Hakka ancient streets in Taiwan. While there, you can also experience DIY tea pounding, including the associated fees. Next, Visit to Wei Wei Jia Dry Persimmon Farm, at here explore the process of drying the persimmons is undertaken through traditional and modern methods.Continuing journey to Tianlu Art Center, understanding the mysteries of metaphysics. Next, head to Taipei Raohe Night Market famouse of Bid Gourmand Night market and commercial district.

Day 6 Taipei

After breakfast, visit to Taipei's historical sites, the Small White House and Fort San Domingo, which showcase British colonial influences and served as the residence of the Customs Superintendent during the Qing Dynasty, you can continue your journey to Ximending. Ximending as currently one of the liveliest commercial districts in Taipei and offers plenty of opportunities for leisure activities and shopping. Enjoy your time exploring this vibrant area!

Day 7 Taipei - Taoyuan - Singapore

After breakfast, proceed to the airport from Taipei for check-in your pleasant flight to Singapore. Appreciate for you accompany thru the journey, we look forward your next travelling journey with us soon.

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