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Established in 2019, WEBUY is the top e-commerce platform for Group Buys in Singapore. “Group Buys” refers to the concept of buying items in bulk as a group and sharing the savings together. For example, buying a single bottle of Coca Cola versus buying a carton of Coca Cola bottles and sharing the amount and cost among the group makes a big difference in long term savings. On WEBUY, there are more than a thousand “Group Leaders”. These are people like your next-door neighbours that facilitate group buys and serve as the collection points within your community. In recent years, WEBUY have expanded group buy platforms and services in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Why Travel with Us?

WEBUY’s trademark 1 for 1 tour around Europe (Switzerland, France and Italy) quickly saw more than 20 groups formed within a few weeks. It was then featured on The Straits Times, Today Online, 8DAYS and many other publishers for our exclusive tour itinerary that is super value for money. Besides the 1 for 1 tour around Europe, WEBUY offers many different places of visit such as Finland, New Zealand, Japan, Egypt, Turkey and many other places of visit, with exciting itineraries planned by experts with more than 35 years of travel experience.

WEBUY seeks to provide the best value for money trips and experience for all our customers. Be sure to book your tour with WEBUY for the best deal in the market – WEBUY.

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