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Assemble at Changi International Airport to check in for your flight to Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city. Enjoy Luodong Night Market, a famous tourist spot with many stores to shop and dine at, a must-visit in Yilan!


Today, visit Luodong Forestry Culture Park, a former timber-processing centre now redesignated as a park dedicated to leisure and educational purposes. Then, DIY Macaron Scallion Pancakes! Experience being a local and have fun in the countryside as you put on a hat and rainboots, step into the field, have fun picking and washing scallions, knead and shape dough by adding natural macaron-like colours, pan-fry your handmade scallion pancake and have a delicious feast. Learn more about the culture of wine, the process of manufacturing it from the time of its inception in the country at Yilan Distillery Chia Chi Lan Wine Museum. Head to Jimmy Park Yilan, a museum and theme park that depicts the magical world of illustrator Jimmy Liao’s picture books. Explore TCC DAKA Open Eco-Factory, not just a manufacturing facility, but also a park for leisure, a classroom for knowledge dissemination and a museum for collecting artworks. End your day at Hualien Dongdamen Night Market, the largest night market in Hualien. The market is separated into many divisions and each area offers visitors a delicious insight into Taiwan’s local street food.
(Breakfast / Lunch)


Start your day at Taroko National Park, famous for its spectacular mountains and marble canyons. Visit Buluowan Suspension Bridge, the longest and highest bridge in the park. From the bridge, you get to view the twists and turns of Liwu River, flanked by the steep walls of the gorge that form the magnificent cascade of overlapping layers. Baiyang Trail is one of the “must-see” trails in Taroko National Park where visitors get to see spectacular scenery and explore breathtaking valleys, canyons and cliffs. The highlight is the Water Curtain Cave (Shuilian Cave) as water naturally filters through the rock to constantly gush out of the ceiling of the tunnel above the cave (wear non-slippery, waterproof shoes, raincoat provided). Experience the Rice Straw Art Festival, a festival initiated by the Fuli Farmers’ Association to encourage creative expression and, more importantly, to recycle straw waste after the seasonal rice harvest. Local community members worked for more than a month to collect the straw and weave into animal figures using rope, driftwood, and other natural materials. Spend the night in a famous hot spring hotel in Taitung.
(Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner)


Explore Kaohsiung Port Warehouse No. 2, an old railwaywarehouse that has been reimagined and repurposed tocombine cultural creativity, dining, and exhibition spacesinto a completely open port area, making it totallyInstagram-worthy! En route, stop by a Taiwan pearl store.Marvel at Great Harbour Bridge, the first horizontallyrotating landscape bridge in Taiwan and the longestcross-port rotating bridge in Asia. ExperienceKaohsiungMusic Center, the landmark for pop music performancesin Southern Taiwan which nurtures and supports the localpop music industry. In addition, the architectures areintegrated into the surrounding harbour scenery tocreate a new tourist attraction in Kaohsiung. Buy all typesof traditional goods at a bargain at Sanfong CentralStreet, Kaohsiung’s largest grocery wholesale market. Endyour day at Ruifeng Night Market, one of the biggest andmost diverse night markets in Kaohsiung. Here you canfind every kind of traditional Taiwan night market foodyou could ask for!
(Breakfast / Lunch)


Enjoy a scenic boat ride on the beautiful alpineSun MoonLake, located in the middle of Taiwan. Be amazed by theuniquely designed Xiangshan Visitor Centrethat haswood-patterned exteriors and wings that stretch likehuman arms embracing the earth. Xiangshan ScenicLookout is a short stroll from the visitor centre with anaerial view of Sun Moon Lake. En route, stop by a localproducts store for some local delights. Shop and eat toyour heart’s content at Fengjia Night Market, one of themost famous night markets in Taichung.
(Breakfast / Lunch)


Explore Jiufen and the surrounding mountain area, feel‘spirited away’ in this decommissioned gold miningmountain town, originally built by the Japanese and nowa maze of lanes and alleyways with rich history andculture. En route, stop by a local souvenir store and TienluGallery to gain insight into the traditional handicraft ofChinese fengshui. View Taipei’s most iconic landmark,Taipei 101 (visit the observatory deck at your ownexpense). Enjoy Ximending, the mecca for youth cultureand a famous shopping district in Taipei with amazingstreet art, quirky restaurants and cafes.
(Breakfast / Lunch)


The day is at your own leisure to explore this vibrantcity.


Bid farewell to Taipei and transfer to the airport for ourflight back to Singapore. We hope that you have hadan enjoyable time with SA Tours!


The sequence of itinerary is subject to changes with/without prior notice. During major Taiwan Public Holiday, some attractions may be closed or operate half day. During such occurrences, attractions maybe combined into 1 day and/or time spent at each attraction will be reduced. During major events/trade fairs/peak season, accommodation may not be in the city mentioned.

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