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Availability: 01 Feb 2023 to 31 Aug 2023


✓ 1N Stay at Hot Spring Hotel (with Personal Hot Spring Facilities)
✓ 1N Stay at Cingjing Naruwan Villa and 4* Chateau De Chine Taipei
✓ Up-close with the Sheeps at Cingjing Farm
✓ Daxi Flower Oasis and Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm
✓ Release Sky Lantern at Pingshi
✓ Enjoy 1D Free & Easy in Taipei!


DAY 1: Singapore  Taipei –Wu Fen Pu – Rao He Night Market

【Wu Fen Pu (Lady’s Shopping Alley)】A wholesale garment district that houses
over 1,000 little shops selling trendy clothes, shoes, bags and accessories. A
definite “shop till you drop” place many shoppers won’t want to miss. 【Rao He
Night Market
Walk down a long alley with rows of eateries and shops. Come here with your empty stomach and you can hop around to different stands tasting typical Taiwanese snacks like oyster omelets, herbal soups, stinky tofu, roasted corn, bubble teas, as well as some unusual treats.

DAY 2 : Miaoli – Museum of Essential Oils “Hua Lu Flower Leisure Farm” – Xi Tou Monster Village

【Museum of Essential Oils “Hua Lo Flower Leisure Farm”】The leisure farm in Guangsan Township is one of the most natural herbal and flower gardens in Taiwan, featuring florals, fruits and farming aromas. From the first step in into the ranch, you will be lead into a wonderful world of vanilla fragrance and there are different flowers in different season such as lavender field, Christmas red flowers,
Tung Flowers and so on. The garden landscape in the farm is carefully designed by the farm owner. It has the only essential oil museum in Taiwan.【Xi Tou Monster Village】 A Japanese-inspired village, filled with charming wooden buildings and lanterns, Xi Tou monster village attracts more than 200,000 tourists a month. Other than restaurants, bakeries, souvenirs of its very own characters (you won’t be
able to find it elsewhere!), the Japanese-styled village also has plenty of nice scenery, excellent for photography.

DAY 3: Xitou Nature Education Centre – Sun Moon Lake – Wen Wu Temple – Small Swiss Garden

【Xitou Nature Education Centre】At an altitude of 1,150 meters, it is an ideal forest bathing place planted with precious tree species such as red cypress, cherry apricot, and cypress. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the climate is cool all year round. The dense bamboo forest like a fairyland on earth is loved by everyone. The main landscapes include the University Pool, Ginkgo Forest, Youth Activity Center, Bamboo House, Xitou Shenmu, Mengzong bamboo forest, red juniper forest, etc. Sun Moon Lake】You may wish to join optional cruise ride along the lake waters to enjoy the picturesque mountains. 【Small Swiss Garden】Known as the “Little Switzerland” and “Paradise in the Mist”; the pure unadulterated beauty of such a view takes one’s breath away.

DAY 4: Cingjing Farm – Green Green Grasslands – Daxi’s Flower Oasis – The Cultural Resort of the Jiangs –Aboriginal Local Product – Taipei 101

【Cingjing Farm】Immerse in the fresh air and scenic wild greenery of Cingjing farm. The farm is 1,750 meters above sea level and the
weather is generally mild all year round. 【Green Green Grasslands】This wide grassy plain is the most popular site of Cingjing farm, with herds of sheep grazing on the land and mountains in the horizon have a distinct European air. There are *Sheep shearing shows & you may take pictures with the sheep. 【Daxi’s Flower Oasis】Waltz through a lush green meadow dotted with flowers in shades of pink and red and feel the breeze gently blowing through your hair as you tilt your face towards the rays of sunshine. With flowers of all colors in bloom all year round, it’s no wonder that the farm has been featured in over 20 idol dramas as well.【The Cultural Resorts of the Jiangs】Daxi Township and Fuxing Village in Taoyuan are very beautiful and scenic places, and Chiu and Touliao are the final resting places of the two President Jiangs. Dazi is also known as the “township of the presidents”, and in 2005, Taoyuan County Government started planning the Cultural Resort of the Jiangs, which combines history, cultural, recreation and ecology in order to promoted local tourism.【Taipei 101 Shopping Mall】At 508 meters (1,671 feet), it is the first skyscraper to break the half-kilometer mark.

DAY 5: Pineapple Cake DIY– Jiufen- Jingtong Station – Pingshi Old Street – Pingshi Sky Lantern –FuLuBao Art Center – Tea Art Center

【Pineapple Cake DIY】
Led by Pineapple Cake professionals, start baking your very own pineapple cake by kneading the dough, and making the pineapple cake skin. Not forgetting to add in the specially made pineapple jam, and there you go, the best tasting pineapple cakes! 【Jiufen】Sense of nostalgia as you roam the old fashioned alley shop houses that were built in the olden Taiwanese style connecting one another throughout the whole alley. Taste delicious local delicacies like Taiwanese beef noodles, red bean meat ball, taro, sweet potatoes etc. 【Jingtong station】Built in 1931, Jingtong Station is one the precious wooden built train stations in Taiwan and definitely one of the most authentic traditional Japanese style train stations in Taiwan. The original features of the station such as the original electric railway block instruments, traditional train ticket containers and plenty of antiques are all well-kept. In year 2001, Jingtong station was ranked by the Council of Cultural Affairs as one of the top 100 historical architectures of Taiwan and recognize as a national monument by the Taipei County in year 2003. 【Pingshi Old Street】You can find all kinds of special authentic local restaurants here, you may also enjoy the beauty of architectures or simply walk around while the trains operate on the bridge above you. Pingshi Sky Lantern】Also known as Kong Ming Lanterns, the flying of sky lanterns has become a symbol of prayers to the gods for their blessings. The activity is becoming very popular among tourist and the Pingshi Lantern Festival was even voted by Discovery as the Second most
Grand Festival Carnival. This traditional custom was also filmed in the current Taiwanese Movie debut [You are the Apple of My Eye].
(4-8pax in a team)

DAY 6: Taipei Free & Easy

No morning call, you may explore any corner of Taipei without time constraint.

DAY 7: Taipei  Singapore

Breakfast in hotel. Free at own leisure till meeting time for your flight back to Singapore. We hope that you will have wonderful holiday with Hong Thai Travel!


  • Sun Moon Lake River Cruise, Pingshi Sky Lantern & Cingjing’s sheep shearing show are all subjected to local weather conditions, show availability and/or unforeseen circumstances will not be replaced or refunded.
  • Due to poo rnight conditions Pingshi Sky Lantern will be arranged during daytime.
  • During the major international or local festive events, accomodation may not be in the city mentioned. Tour groups may be merged and sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice. Please refer to the terms and conditions.
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