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DAY1 Singapore 新加坡 – Incheon, Korea 仁川,韩国

  • Assemble at Changi Airport, and travel with Webuy to Incheon. 集聚于新加坡樟宜机场, 一起和优佳旅游⻜往仁川。

DAY2 Gyeonggi-do Incheon 京畿道仁川

  • Upon arrival, transfer to Chinatown, is the first & largest Chinatown in Korea, formed in 1884. 前往善隣洞唐人街,有着浓郁的中国气息也是南韩华裔聚集地, 1884年建立。

  • Next, we shall visit to Sorae Wetland, Known as a Dutch village in South Korea, it was a windmill ecological park in a salt field. 前往苏来湿地⻛⻋,亭亭玉立的3个⻛⻋,素有韩国荷兰村之称,旧时期是一座盐田而如今改建的⻛⻋生态园。

  • Tonight, enjoy your seafood dinner surround Incheon Complex Fish Market. 今晚, 前往仁川综合⻥市场周边品尝海鲜大餐。


DAY3 Jeollabuk 全罗北道 – Jeonju 全州

  • Transfer to Daedunsan National Park, its located in between Chungcheongnam-do & Jeollabuk -do. Ride on cable car to climb the observation deck, enjoy the King Kong Cloud Bridge and so on. 前往大芚山国家公园,地处忠清南道及全罗北道交界,以奇岩、怪石、溪谷与瀑布勾

  • Next, transfer to Jeonju Hanok Village, itself was the capital of the Hubaekje
    Kingdom and largest well reserve traditional Hanok village in Korea. 游览韩国最大韩屋群的全州韩屋村 ,外观殿洞圣堂走访小巷遗留至今的韩屋村街。

  • Continues visit to Deokjin Park, as famous with Korea’s biggest lotus pond and
    be visit to Hanok Style Library in Park, free and leisure at shopping district. 前往德津公园,欣赏韩国最大的荷花池与韩屋村主题图书馆留影。今晚特别安排客舍 步行街,南天桥夜景 。

  • Today, special upgrade overnight stay at Hanok village experience. 今晚特别安排韩屋村住宿体验!

DAY4 Jinan 镇安- Seoul 首尔

  • Proceed to visit home town of Ginseng, Jinan. The Jinan Red Ginseng Spa is
    a spacious spa (Swimsuit requires) offering an unusual assortment of health
    facilities and programs. 前往高丽人参之乡 – 镇安,体验全韩国独一无二的美容与水疗镇安红参 SPA (需穿 泳装),泉水以红参、韩方成份配合阴阳五行原理为基础,进行5个不同系列疗程, 从而让您体验非一般的享受。

  • Transfer back to Seoul, free at leisure at Myeong Dong shopping district. 续程返回首尔,前往明洞商圈自由购物。

DAY5 Seoul 首尔

  • Visit Korea Ginseng Galleries, the representative will introduce more details of
    Korea Ginseng. 参观人参特产店,专业解说员介绍高丽人参,认识高丽人参与它奇特之处。

  • Next, move towards to the Beauty Cosmetic Duty Free Center, and healthy liver galleries. 前往美妆免税店和护肝宝特产店。

  • Next, send to Kimchi Workshop and experience kimchi DIY by your own, and you can also try on Hanbok and take pictures. 接下来前往泡菜工坊,体验DIY制作泡菜,还可以试穿韩服拍照。

  • Arrange to enjoy Korean art performance – Graffiti Show. 安排欣赏韩国艺术表演 – 涂鸦秀。

DAY6 Seoul 首尔

  • Free at leisure 自由活动

DAY7 Incheon 仁川 – Singapore 新加坡

  • Heading to Local Product Shop前往土特产店(subject to flight arrangement 视航班以做调整) Proceed to the airport to check-in for your flight to Singapore. It is a pleasure to have you travel with us, we look forward to your next journey to travel with WEBUY. 安排机场办理登机手续返回新加坡。感谢您与优佳旅游一路相伴,忆起旅途,我 们优佳旅游期待再次与您相约之旅。

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