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8 days

Group Tours

Availability: 01 Jan 2023 to 30 Jun 2023


  • Kushiro/Takachi : Kofuku Station, Kushiro Washo Market.

  • Lake Akan/Abashiri : Akan International Crane Centre, Lake Akan, Lake Mashu, Kussharo Lake, Mount Tento, Drift Ice Museum,

  • Sounkyo/Lake Toya : Ryusei-no-taki Falls, Ginga-no-taki Falls, Sounkyo Gorge, Lake Toya.

  • Noboribetsu/Asahiyama : Jigokudani, Date Jidaimura Village, Asahiyama Zoo, Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum.

  • Otaru : Otaru Canal, Crystal Musuem, Kitachi Glass Gallery.

  • Sapporo/Chitose : Hokkaido Jingu Shrine , Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, Tokei-Dai, Tennuki Koji, Susukino.


  • Ice Breaking Cruise

  • Kitakitsune Fox Farm

  • Mitsui Chelsea Premium Outlets

  • Ishiya White Chocolate Factory (admission Included)



Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to the rising sun, Japan.

DAY 2: HANEDA – CHITOSE – KUSHIRO – LAKE AKAN (Meals on board | Crab Dinner)

Upon arrival, meet and greet by our local representative.

  • Kofuku Station – Kofuku means Happiness in Japanese, one of the famous train stations in Japan. You can write your wishes on “ticket to happiness” and stick it to the wall.

  • Kushiro Washo Market – Stalls in this indoor market sell fresh and processed seafood, meat and vegetables as well as souvenirs.

  • Akan International Crane Centre – Where you can see Red-crowned Crane, one of the symbolic birds in Japan. This is a great joy for locals to see as they only show up in winter seasons.

  • Lake Akan – Well-known for its curious-looking spherical moss, a natural phenomenon unique to the lake. Explore Ainu Kotan, stroll along the street lined with souvenir shops selling Ainu handicrafts, food, etc.

DAY 3: LAKE AKAN – ABASHIRI (Breakfast | Salmon Hotpot Lunch | Kaiseki Set Dinner)


  • Lake Mashu – One of the world’s clearest transparent lakes; also prized as one of the greatest scenic spots in all Hokkaido.

  • Kussharo Lake – Where you will have a close-up view of the beautiful Swans which flew from Siberia during winter.

  • Mount Tento – To enjoy a 360- degree view of the Okhotsk Sea.

  • Drift Ice Museum (admission fee included) – Where visitors can enjoy ice all year round in the -15°C cooling room. There are large interactive displays which give information about the ice and the animals that live on or around the ice floors.

  • Abashiri Seafood Market – Stalls in this indoor market sell fresh and processed seafood, meat and vegetables as well as souvenirs.

DAY 4: ABASHIRI – SOUNKYO (Breakfast | Seafood Set Lunch | Hotel Dinner)

  • Icebreaker cruise – Embark on the cruise (subject to weather conditions) on the Okhotsk Sea, see the Siberian drift ice.

  • Kitakitsune Fox Farm – Also known as Hokkaido Fox Village, about 50 cuddly red foxes live and play here. You can get to see the animals throughout the year.

  • Ryusei-no-taki Falls (Shooting Star Falls) and Ginga-no-taki Falls (Milky Way Falls) – The gorge has lots of waterfalls, one spectacular view that are worth seeing.

DAY 5: SOUNKYO – SAPPORO (Breakfast | Ramen Set Lunch | Yakiniku BBQ Dinner)


Asahiyama Zoo

  • Sounkyo Gorge – Is situated at the foot of Mount Daisetsu-zan, which is called the “roof of Hokkaido.” The giant gorge, bordered by 100-meter-high cliffs formed by the erosion of tuff, stretches for 24 kilometres and forms the centre of Daisetsu-zan National Park.

  • Asahiyama Zoo – The most famous zoo in Japan which houses the largest number of polar bears and penguins in the world. One of the attractions is the Winter Penguin Parade, orderly mannered to greet you.

  • Otokoyama Sake Brewery Museum – Introduces sake brewing culture as Japanese traditional industry and history of Otokoyama from 350 years. You can see valuable materials, document and sake set in the Edo period, and can also see a part of sake brewing.

  • Mitsui Chelsea Premium Outlets – Where you can get a wide range of discounted branded merchandise at affordable prices.

DAY 6: SAPPORO – KITOHIROSHIMA – SAPPORO (Breakfast | Kamameshi Lunch)

  • Lake Toya – The beautiful scenery is gripping and the four seasons are fascinating.

  • Jigokudani – A sulphurous boiling pond known as Hell Valley.

  • Date Jidaimura Village – A popular theme park that recreates the townscape and culture of the Edo period.

  • Tennuki Koji – Here you can buy Hokkaido food, souvenirs, and decorations.

  • Susukino – The entire street is dominated by ramen stalls. Take the opportunity to sample the famous Hokkaido ramen at economical prices (at own expense). The colourful neon signboards and streetlights make the street more vibrant and dazzling, a perfect location to experience the Sapporo nightlife.

DAY 7: SAPPORO – OTARU – SAPPORO (Breakfast | Hokke Fish Set Lunch)

  • Otaru Canal – The most beautiful building in Otaru City is right next to the Otaru Canal. There are many classical street lights along the canals that make the whole city look more romantic.

  • Crystal Museum and Kitaichi Glass Gallery – You will visit the Crystal Museum and the Glass Gallery, which is famous for making antique lamps and handmade blown glassware.

  • Ishiya White Chocolate Factory – Where you’ll get the opportunity to sample and buy a variety of Hokkaido’s manufactured white chocolate.

  • Hokkaido Jingu Shrine – A large Shinto shrine set in heavily wooded grounds.

  • Sapporo City – Sightseeing includes Odori Park, from which you can also see the Sapporo TV Tower and the historic Tokei-Dai (Clock Tower), which are famous tourist attractions here.


Bid farewell to this beautiful country before transferring to the airport for the flight home.

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