8D7N Cultural Exploration In Xiamen


People's Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross St, #02-27, S058357

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Day 1 Singapore - Xiamen-Quanzhou

  • Assemble at Changi Airport, proceed to check in your pleasant flight to Xiamen, China.

  • Quanzhou's West Street, symbol of prosperity in Quanzhou since the Song Dynasty. It is also the best-preserved ancient street in the city, retaining numerous historical buildings in their original form.

Day 2 Quanzhou- Yongding

  • After breakfast, head to Kaiyuan Temple. Next, visit Xunpu Village for an authentic experience of the maritime Silk Road fishing cult ure. Visit Anping Bridge, then Wulin Ancient Village, a well-preserved village with a collection of century-old buildings. In the evening, head for a Folk Village Night Tour.

Day 3 YongDing-Meizhou

  • After breakfast, head to Hongkeng Tulou Cluster, a village that showcases

    the essence of Yongding Tulou. Next, visit Dapu to explore the ancestral

    home of the late founding Prime Minister of Singapore, Lee Kuan Yew.

    Known as "Zhonghan Residence.", it was built by Lee Kuan Yew's great-

    grandfather. Visit The Thousand Buddha Pagoda and Temple, then The

    Hakka Museum, which is the first comprehensive museum to showcase the

    cultural origins and development of the Hakka people.

Day 4 Meizhou-Chaozhou-Shantou

  • After breakfast, head to Kaiyuan Temple. Visit the ancient city of Chaozhou,

    where you can explore Jia Di Lane, Pailou Street, Guangji Building, and

    admire the Xiangzi Bridge. Visit Baihua Jian Temple, dedicated to the Nine

    Heavenly Goddesses. Then head to Han Wengong Temple, Queshi Scenic

    Area and Lao Ma Temple.

Day 5 ShanTou- ZhangZhou- Xiamen

  • After breakfast, visit Jimei Study Village, the hometown of patriotic overseas

    Chinese, Mr. Tan Kah Kee. Then head to Daimei Ancient Village and

    Tongrentang Chinese Medicinal Treasures Museum.

Day 6 Xiamen

  • After breakfast, visit Gulangyu Island, known as the "Garden on the Sea," "Piano Island," and the "Island of Music". Then head to The International Architecture Exhibition which showcases buildings from various countries. Next, visit Yu Garden, Harbour Zai Beach and

    The Island Ring Road.

Day 7 Xiamen

  • After breakfast, visit Wuyuanwan Wetland Park, the largest park and wetland ecological area in Xiamen. Head to Zengcuo'an, known as China's most artistic fishing village. Visit Nanputuo Temple. Afterwards, you can freely explore the shopping area.

Day 8 Xiamen –Singapore

  • After breakfast, head to the airport for check-in to your pleasant flight back to Singapore. Appreciate your accompany thru the journey, we look forward to your

    next travelling journey with us soon.

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