8D7N JiangXi Pottery Town + Huangshan Qian Dao Lake


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Group Tours

Day 1 Singapore - Shanghai - Shaoxing

  • Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport, flight to Shanghai, China. Upon arrive, proceed to LonghuaTemple. Next, visit to Thames Town where designated European Style. Continue the journey to Shaoxing Lu Xun's former residence & Baicaoyuan. Later, free and leisure walk around old street.

Day 2 Shaoxig- Qiandao Lake

  • After breakfast, head to QianDao Lake scenic area. Explore the beautiful lake with a guide, appreciate the amazing natural scenery numerous islands and hills, enjoy a relaxing boat ride to one of the islands, carry by the next cable car ride to Meifeng Island.

Day 3 Qiandao Lake

  • After breakfast, we shall visit to fishermen village, pull a huge fishing net on the Qiandao lake catch the fishes. Next, visit to old village, It is an ancient village with a history of more than 750 years. In the evening, we shall walk around Tunxi Old Street, an ancient Street was originally built during the Song dynasty. The street is paved with maroon flagstones . We shall overnight stay Huangshan city area.

Day 4 Huangshan

  • After breakfast, go to the Huangshan National Scenic Area is one of the most popular nature reserves in China. Best known for its photogenic pine trees, unusual rock formations and sea of clouds, this UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will take the round-trip cable car to venture to the peaks of Huangshan and enjoy breathtaking views across a sea of clouds.

Day 5 Huangshan-Jingdezhen Town

  • After breakfast, head to Huangling in Wuyuan county, Jiangxi province, is an ancient village surrounded by enchanting scenery the whole year round. It is known as “the most beautiful village in China” for its charming ecological environment and classic Hui-style building clusters. Next, visit to pottery town - Jingdezhen Town, often called the “Porcelain Capital” for its important role from Han Dynasty. Visit to Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum is the first large-scale ceramic art museum in China and had more than 2000 years history.

Day 6 Jingdezhen Town-Hangzhou

  • After breakfast, visit to seasonal fruit orchard -fruit picking (such as oranges, peaches, crystal pears, strawberries, kiwifruits, etc.). Travel to Hangzhou, which is known as "paradise on earth", and visit the West Lake scenic area by boat, take the lift up the Leifeng Pagoda , and its offers a magnificent panorama of Hangzhou and Xi Lake .Then, you can go to the Southern Song Imperial Street and Hefang Street Food Street in Hangzhou. Next, visit to QianTang River and which having the world's largest tidal bore.

Day 7 Hangzhou- Shanghai

  • This morning, visit to Lane 1192 Old Shanghai Style Street. Next, visit to ChangHuang Temple street, as most popular among in tourist. Our next stop go to Xujiahui Library. At night, visit to Shanghai bond and Nanjing Road.

Day 8 Shanghai- Singapore

  • After breakfast, free and leisure till assemble time transfer to Airport back to your warm home! It is a pleasure to have you travel with us, we look forward to your next journey and travel with Webuy.

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