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Availability: 05 Feb 2024 to 22 Apr 2024


  • Attractions: Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe & Shirakawa-go Gassho Village which has been selected as a world cultural heritage, Shin Cangshan Asami Park to enjoy the panoramic view of Mt. Fuji, Gion Hanami path unique to Kyoto, and close contact with sika deer in Nara Deer Park.

  • Enjoy: Osaka Shinsaibashi, Tokyo Tokyo Akihabara large shopping malls

  • Special Meals: Japanese curry rice with a smooth, thick and sweet taste, Ichiran Ramen which has won the crown of ramen several times, Japanese traditional Japanese yakiniku, and hot spring hotel dishes.


Day 1: Singapore - Tokyo

Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan.

Day 2: Arrive in Tokyo, Japan (MOB)

After arriving at Narita Airport in Japan by international flight, the tour guide will pick you up and take the hotel bus to the hotel. After checking in, free at leisure.

Day 3: Tokyo (B / Lunch: Ichiran Ramen / Dinner: Japanese Curry Rice)

After breakfast, go to tour

【Tokyo Imperial Palace】 Fine stones are laid in the outer garden of the Imperial Palace, pine trees are planted everywhere, green pines and cypresses are on the wide square, and the green space is green. It is one of the few green spaces in Japanese cities. The moat under the double bridge is recognized as the most beautiful place in the imperial residence.

【Akihabara Electric Street】 The world's largest electrical commercial district, there are hundreds of electrical stores, large and small, selling the latest computers, cameras, TVs, mobile phones, household appliances, etc., and the variety is quite complete. It is also the birthplace of Japanese animation culture. There are animation, comics, video games, hand-made shops everywhere, as well as many idol shops, animation cafes, maid cafes, etc. You can often see Cosplay boys and girls, otaku and anime. A big "holy place" for fans.

【Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Observatory】 Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office is a skyscraper of Tokyo Metropolitan City Hall, with a height of 243 meters and a total of 48 floors. The observation room in the first hall can be viewed from the The 202-meter-high north-south observatory on the 45th floor offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Tokyo.

【Odaiba Seaside Park】Odaiba Seaside Park is an artificial seaside park where visitors can enjoy the view of Tokyo's coastline. There is a mini Statue of Liberty in the park, which is a popular photo spot, and the Rainbow Bridge is in the distance.

【Asakusa Temple - Nakamise Shopping Street】 The two majestic Fengshen and Thor generals guard the Sensoji Temple at the entrance of the main entrance of Kaminarimon. Kaminarimon is equivalent to the main gate of Sensoji Temple in Jinlongshan, and the red-painted eight-legged gate is a typical wide-sided tile roof. It is called Fengshen Raijinmen, and the one on the right is the statue of the god of wind and the one on the left is the statue of the god of thunder. The most famous of Kaminarimon is the huge lantern hanging in front of the gate, which is 3.3 meters high and weighs 100 kilograms. The word "Leimon" with black and white borders can be seen in the distance, which is striking and adds a lot of style to Sensoji Temple. As a tourist attraction to learn about Japanese national culture, tourists from all over the world flock to it. Check in to hotels around Tokyo.

Day 4: Tokyo – Mount Fuji – Nagano (B / Lunch: BBQ Buffet / Dinner: Hot Spring Cuisine)

After breakfast, drive to Mount Fuji area.

Visiting【Arakurayama Sengen Park】was rated as one of the "21 places that photographers in the world must visit before they die". Photographers and tourists from all over the world came to watch this scene.

【Oshino Hakkai】is a group of springs in Oshino Village between Lake Yamanaka and Lake Kawaguchi in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan. Because there are eight clear springs scattered in a random manner, "Oshino Hakkai" is named and famous everywhere. It is said that Oshino Hakkai existed 1,200 years ago. It is eight clear fresh springs filtered by the melting snow of Mount Fuji through the strata: Mikama Pond, Bottomless Pond, Choshi Pond, Turbid Pond, Yong Pond, Mirror Pond, Calamus Pond and Exit Pond. The average water temperature of Oshino Hakkai is about 13 degrees Celsius, and the water quality is clear and sweet. It is known as "Jiuzhaigou in Japan" and is a designated national natural scenic spot in the Oshino area. It is designated as a national natural monument, one of the top 100 famous waters, and one of the top 100 scenic spots of Mount Fuji.

【Peace Park】is large in scope and covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters. It has typical Japanese garden buildings, giant fountain lakes and small zoos. Various trees and flowers are widely planted, which is like a beautiful world. It is also the best place to see Mount Fuji from a distance, and when the weather is clear, the magnificent view of Mount Fuji is even more unobstructed. The most famous one in the park is a relic tower from India. It has a white body and a golden Buddha statue underneath. It stands upright on the main square of Peace Park, expressing an anti-war message from the compassion of Buddha nature.

Afterwards, proceed to Nagano area and stay in a hot spring hotel.

Day 5: Nagano – Shirakawa-go Gassho Village – Aichi Prefecture (B / Dinner: Japanese Set Meal)

After breakfast, drive to the mountain area. Visit

【Hida Takayama】which was formed by the erosion of rivers and glaciers. Hida Takayama still retains the ancient streets handed down from the Edo period. The representative festival of Hida Takayama, Takayama Festival, in addition to the luxurious and eye-catching floats parading through the streets, there are also hundreds of local people dressed in traditional costumes. Walk slowly down the street.

【Kamisannomachi】is a famous ancient street in Takayama City, located in the center of Takayama City, east of Miyagawa. The streets maintain the layout of the Edo period, and traditional shops are scattered. Then proceed to Shirakawa-go area. Tour after arrival

【Shirakawa-gō Gassho Village】is listed as a world cultural heritage. Because of the deep mountains and the accumulated wisdom of the ancients, the locals use the straw and reed gassho-shaped method to build the roof. With the thick central roof column, it can make the winter snow more and the strict Maintain safety in harsh natural environment. The traditional way of building houses, which is warm in winter and cool in summer, became widely known to the world due to the introduction in the book "Rediscovery of Japanese Beauty" by German architects. , the neighboring Kamiyama area, etc., are registered as world cultural heritage. When you walk here, you will feel like you are in Gingerbread Street in a fairy tale world. Proceed to Aichi prefecture area, check in hotel and rest.

Day 6: Aichi Prefecture – Kyoto – Nara (B / Lunch: Handmade sushi at sushi school)

After breakfast, drive to Kyoto for sightseeing

【Heian Jingu Shrine】 was built in 1895 to commemorate the 1100th anniversary of Japan's peaceful relocation of the capital to Kyoto. , has obvious Tang Dynasty Chinese architectural style. The arrival of spring has ushered in the festival of cherry blossom viewing. The charm of cherry blossoms lies in the touch that instantly illuminates the whole world when they bloom, and also in the poignant beauty and purity of the flowers when they fall.

【Kyoto Gion Commercial Street】 An ancient and famous flower street. In the 1960s, there were nearly 1,000 geisha in Kyoto, and there are still dozens of geisha teachers who are still trained in traditional tea ceremony, flower arrangement, Guqin, Gagaku, Kyogen, Maiko, Bunraku, etc. . Walking into Huajie Street, an ancient wind blows: there are tea houses with exquisite facades on both sides, and the doors and windows of wooden lattices are closed... This is a mysterious path that runs through the north and the south, with a total length of about 1 km. The northern section is modern, the southern section is traditional, and each has its own style and style.

Proceed to Nara area

【Nara Deer Park】Covering a vast area of ​​660 hectares, it includes Todai Temple, Xingfu Temple, and Zhengcangyuan, which were inherited from the Tianping era (710-784). Shady historical park. The most famous is the herd of deer at Kasuga Taisha Shrine, which are regarded as messengers of the gods and are cared for by people. In addition, there are about 1,700 cherry trees of different varieties in the park, mainly Nara Yae-Sakura and Kuo-Sakura. Afterwards, transfer to the hotel in Osaka area.

Day 7: Osaka – Kobe – Osaka (B)

After breakfast, proceed to Kobe.

[Kobe Bay Bridge] This bridge spans the ocean and connects Honshu and Awaji Island. The bridge with a total length of 3900 meters is the longest suspension bridge in the world. The lights on the bridge change with the seasons and day and night, and the dazzling scenery makes this bridge. It is known as the Pearl Bridge.

Tour 【Kobe Port】 Kobe Port opened on January 1, 1868. Since the Meiji era, it has been an area for foreigners to live in and is full of exotic flavors. Today, it is a very popular tourist destination in Kobe, and many local residents and tourists from all over the world often come here for entertainment, food and shopping.

[Kitano Ijinkan Street] Kitano still has the Ijinkan left over from the Meiji era. With the expansion of Kobe's port in the late 1960s, the number of Ijinkans gradually increased, making Kitano Ijinkan Street full of exotic flavors. There is a white western-style building standing on the corner of the street, and there is a restaurant converted from the residence of a former Swiss trader. Entering the store will make you feel like you are in an overseas mansion.

[Osaka Castle Park] (outside view) has a history of more than 400 years. It was the first city in Japan at that time and the largest castle ever seen in Japan. During the cherry blossom season, the scene of about 4,300 cherry trees blooming all around Osaka Castle is indeed a beautiful landscape. Pieces and rows of cherry trees, all the branches are blooming with pink and white cherry blossoms, the flowers are blooming, and the clouds are bright. Against the backdrop of the clear moat water and the gray-white ancient city walls, there is an indescribable beauty and refinement. Walking along the river, the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the breeze blowing the falling petals, slowly falling from the eyes, scattered on the water, the stars are dotted, full of poetic and picturesque.

【DOTON PLAZA】A new comprehensive shopping center in Osaka, from Japan's special souvenirs to international first-line brand-name products are all settled here. Jewelry, bags, watches, various brand-name cosmetics, perfumes are all available at counters. There is also a sushi restaurant and an experience center in the building, and various experience activities of Japanese traditional culture are held regularly.

[Shinsaibashi Commercial Street] As the largest shopping area in Osaka, there are many boutiques and specialty stores, bustling from morning to night, and there are people and tourists everywhere. There are large department stores, century-old shops, and various small shops for the common people. Stone-paved sidewalks, British-style street lamps and rows of brick buildings are elegant and elegant, and this area is known as the European Village.

Day 8: Kansai – Singapore

After breakfast, take the airport bus by own arrangement to Kansai Airport to return home.


• Tour itineraries may be reshuffled under certain circumstances, but the entire tour will be fulfilled as stated in the itinerary

• Itineraries are subject to change without prior notice

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