10D7N Stunning Tunisia


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10 days

Group Tours

Day 1 Singapore - Istanbul

Assemble at Changi Airport, and travel with WEBUY to Tunisia

Day 2 Istanbul - Tunisia, Tunis - Sidi Bou Said - Tunis

  • Arrival at Tunis and explore by walking through the Medina of Tunis, the capital of Tunisia

    which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site

  • Plenty of souks around and spend some time at Souk Es Sabbaghine which specializes in

    leather goods, including bags, shoes, and belts

  • With its distinctive blue-and-white color scheme, cobbled streets and jaw-dropping glimpses

    of azure waters, the cliff-top village of Sidi Bou Saïd is one of the prettiest spots in Tunisia

Day 3 Tunis - Testour - Dougga - Kairouan

  • First stop, visit the Andalusian Village of Testour, which originated from an European Ethic group, a community in the Southern Spain

  • Enter into a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Dougga, which has the best preserved Roman small town in North Africa

  • Drive through some remarkable scenery enroute south to Kairouan, where the first Arab ruled from the first capital of Islam in North Africa

Day 4 Kairouan - Tozeur

  • See the Great Mosque, one of the most impressive and largest Islamic monuments in North Africa (only Muslims allow to enter the Mosque)

  • Explore the Zaouia of Sidi Sahab, comprising of a Mosque (only Muslims allow to enter) with a minaret, Madrasa (Qu’aranic School) and Mausoleum (public not allow to

    enter the mausoleum itself)

  • Continue with a cultural walk in the Medina and the handicraft workshops

  • Check into hotel upon arrival into Tozeur and thereafter spend some time exploring this interesting and unique town and learn about the date harvest and get the opportunity to sample some local dates or date wine (Legmi)

  • Visit the cultural museum of Dar Cherait, an extravagant reproduction of an old palace and contains collections of pottery, jewelry, costumes and other antiques, as well as

    an art gallery

Day 5 Tozeur - Chebika - Ong Jemal - Chott El Jerid - Douz

  • Hop onto a 4x4 vehicle to the Mountain Oasis of Chebika

  • Take a walk to see the Berber Village, waterfalls and the spring of the water

  • Go for an adventure tour by visiting the Ong Jemal among the sand dunes and the desert site of the Star Wars Films

  • Drive across to the Chott El Jerid, the Great Salt Lake and you may see mirages on the horizon (dependent on weather conditions)

  • Head into Douz and go on a camel ride passing through the deserted landscape and picturesque sand dune

Day 6 Douz - Matmata - Toujane - Metameur - Sfax

  • Depart to Matmata, a small Berber speaking town as well as a well-known site for Star Wars

  • Get a feel for the cave dwellers’ living by visiting one of the dwellings where the Berber people built the underground dwellings to escape the extremes weather and any unwelcome invaders

  • Cross the mountain of Toujane and visit an old Berber Village where the stone houses blend into the décor

  • Visit another film site of Star Wars, Metameur, the Ksar of Medenine and an old granary

Day 7 Sfax - El Jem - Sousse - Hammemet

  • Despite the ravages of time, El Jem remains one of the most evocative Ancient

    Roman structures in the world and is also a UNESCO World Heritage site

  • Journey on to see an incredibly large and well-preserved Roman Amphitheater

    which is El Jem’s star attraction

  • Visit the Medina of Sousse, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a typical example

    of the architecture of the early centuries of Islam in Maghreb

Day 8 Hammemet - Carthage - Tunis

  • After breakfast, discover the old Medina of Hammemet and explore their souks

  • Visit the ancient city of Carthage which was once the capital city of Ancient

    Carthage and one of the most important trading hub

  • Enter into the Bardo Museum as it houses one of the largest collections of

    Roman mosaics in the world and also a rich collection of marble statues

    representing the deities and Roman Emperors

Day 9 Tunis - Istanbul

  • Do last minute shopping at Tunisia Mall

  • Proceed to the airport for check-in on your pleasant flight to Singapore

Day 10 Singapore

  • Arrived into Singapore. It is a pleasure to have you travel with Webuy, we

    look forward to your next journey and travel with Webuy

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