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6 days

Group Tours

Day 1 Singapore - Haikou

  • Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and fly to the southernmost provincial capital of China - Haikou, also known as "Coconut City”. Visit Chengmai Yongqing Temple, where various plants associated with Buddhism, such as the Bodhi tree, coconut palm, sugar palm, big blue palm, and betel nut palm, are planted, symbolizing the patriotic and religious traditions of Buddhism. In the afternoon, head to Dandzhou Haihua Island's Food Street, which offers a variety of more than ten specialties. In the evening, enjoy a laser show. Check into the hotel for the night. ( Laser shows are available at 20:00 and 21:30 for a duration of 10 minutes, subject to weather permitted**)

Day 2 Danzhou-Sanya

  • After breakfast, visit various attractions on Haihua Island Style Street that

    encompass different themes such as Ming and Qing dynasties, Suzhou, western

    Sichuan, Lingnan, Southeast Asia, German Grimm, Japanese Kyoto, and France.

    Experience the eight major themed dining events. Then, visit Hainan Huali Wood

    Production Base, a 4A-level tourist scenic area known as "Huali Valley" (including

    electric car ride). Next, proceed to Sanya, the dream vacation paradise. Check into

    Nanshan Yingbin Hotel or a hotel in Sanya**.

Day 3 Sanya

  • After breakfast, visit the Buddhist resort that gathers the spiritual energy of heaven

    and earth - Nanshan Buddhist Garden. Nanshan is named after "Shoubi Nanshan"

    and admire the world's first sculpture - the 108 meter "Nanshan Guanyin" of the

    South Sea. Lunch in Nanshan and enjoy the Buddhist Food feast. Continue to visit the

    Taoist "Big and Small Caves". Tonight, enjoy the performance of the “Sanya Red

    Detachment of Women” in the evening is excellent. After that, check in the hotel.

Day 4 Sanya

  • After breakfast, visit the Tropical Paradise Forest Park. This 4A-level scenic area

    offers a panoramic view of Yalong Bay, a rare coastal tropical rainforest that

    embraces the bay, providing a natural charm that cannot be found in the city. Take a

    sightseeing car to the mountaintop to enjoy the beautiful view of Yalong Bay and the

    South China Sea. You will also have a close-up view of the villa complex featured in

    the movie "If You Are the One II," where the romantic love story of Shu Qi and Ge You

    took place. In the afternoon, visit the Yalong Bay Rose Valley, where you can

    experience the theme of rose gardens, romantic weddings, colorful amusement,

    essential oil wellness, and international styles, appreciating the beauty of a romantic

    and leisurely life. Afterward, check into the hotel.

Day 5 Sanya-Haikou

  • After breakfast, visit Binlang Valley (including entrance ticket). Enjoy

    lunch and return to Haikou. Your guide will take you to karaoke or explore

    the streets of Haikou, where you can shop for things, you like at

    affordable prices at the "Shangbang Baihui City" and "Women's Street."

Day 6 Haikou-Singapore

  • After breakfast, move freely until you head to the airport, passing through the Qiongzhou Bridge, where Hainan's longest river, Nandu River, flows. The water surface is vast and spectacular. We hope you have had an extraordinary happy holiday and hope to explore the next tourist destination with you again!

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