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Founded in late 2010, EU Holidays was established by driven, dynamic, and innovative individuals who banded together with the sole intention of offering customers a whole new travel experience, which is the main driving force behind the establishment of EU Holidays. Within five years of business operations, we have expanded EU Holidays and opened up three other subsidiary offices to focus on the various needs of our customers. The EU MICE office was set up in 2013 to cater for corporate travel with a focus on corporate meetings, conventions and events.

In that same year, EU Asia was launched to cater for customers who are interested in travelling within Asia. In the following year, we opened up EU Vacations to serve the Malaysian market. In doing so, EU Holidays strives to constantly improve our products and services so that we can better serve our customers. Despite being a young company, EU Holidays has gained significant recognition from both customers and industry professionals. Founded in late 2010, EU Holidays was voted Top MasterCard Supporter in NATAS Travel for three consecutive years since 2012. Since then, EU Holidays was named the ‘Best Travel Agency for Europe and USA Tours’ as voted by readers of ESCAPE! Magazine.

After just two years in the business, EU Holidays was presented with two valuable awards – the Asia Excellence Award 2013 and the Singapore Excellence Award 2013. In 2014, we received the Singapore Quality Brands 2014 award and the Weekender Travellers’ Choice Award as No. 1 for Europe and USA tours, as voted by readers. We continued to be awarded for the next three years by Weekender and held our position as the top travel agency in Singapore. From – Singapore’s No.1 Travel Portal – EU Holidays also acquired excellence awards in “Best for Europe 2015” and “Best for USA 2015”. The coveted award recognises the most outstanding travel companies for their professionalism and experience in the travel industry. EU Holidays Pte Ltd has received the prestigious Singapore Trusted Quality Brand 2015 award.

In addition, the travel agency has gone through the year-long Customer- Centric Initiative (CCI) program and successfully attained the Singapore Service Class certification under the Ministry of Trade and Industry agency, SPRING Singapore. The agency certifies EU Holidays with the niche Business Excellence (BE) standard for service. And in 2017, EU Holidays received the Singapore Prestige Brand Award (SPBA), which was inaugurated in 2002 by the Association of Small and Medium Enterprises (ASME) and Lianhe Zaobao, for its exemplary service.


Delighting every travel experience


Be Travellers’ FIRST Choice


1. Deliver what we promise

2. Serve customers passionately

3. Do what we do, best

4. Make work fun

5. Care for employees

6. Stay as one big family as we grow

7. Be a good business partner

8. Be socially responsible


For customers of all age, EU Holidays is providing reasonable priced and carefully planned Europe, USA and Exotic tours to satisfy customers’ demand of traveling to far destination by lower price yet higher quality. Unlike competitors who offer plenty of destinations, EU Holidays focus only on Europe, USA, and Exotic long haul tours, making it more professional to provide better service.


When EU Holidays was newly built, it came across many doubts from the market. Customers know little about EU Holidays, and doubt whether we are reliable or not, question our ability to provide quality group tour. However, confront with such challenges, EU Holidays see it as a chance to strives the very best to provide better service, going extra miles.

During the past 2 more years, EU Holidays gradually become the first pop out choice when customers think of traveling to Europe or USA. The biggest progress for EU Holidays is the social recognition. EU Holidays was set up in the late of 2010, only after one year’s growth, the most popular and prestigious Singapore travel magazine ESCAPE awarded EU Holidays the BEST TRAVEL AWARDS in 2012. Continually, in the beginning of 2013, two valuable awards have been presented to EU Holidays: Asia Excellence Award 2013 and Singapore Excellence Award 2013.

As a newly built company, in the first business year, EU Holidays had only earned 9million revenue. However, in the second year 2012, EU Holidays double its revenue in a fast growing speed. Moreover, the number of staffs rockets from less than 5 initially to more than 50 currently. In addition, EU Holidays now have 4 offices in Singapore compared with only one office in the first year. The expansion proves that EU Holidays has been expanding quickly.

The last but not the least, customers’ certification and recognition level for EU Holidays is turning very high in contrast with our beginning period. EU Holidays provides not only travel service, but also the unforgettable experience which makes EU Holidays grow fast in this market, successfully winning the market attention and establishing customers’ loyalty.

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