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[Every Saturday/Tuesday*] Paris→Lucerne (650km)

Depart for the Swiss border in the morning, the tourist bus will go to the Swiss border along the highway, and enter Switzerland through Basel, the transportation hub city of Faderi in the afternoon, and drive to Lucerne, a famous city in central Switzerland after crossing the border.

[Every Sunday/Wednesday] Lucerne→Milan→Venice (400km)


Depart for Milan, the fashion capital in the morning, visit Piazza Duomo, Victoria Emmanuel II shopping street, the huge arched building and the glittering arrangement of glass, magnificent, and the Duomo Cathedral, which is second only to Rome in scale St. Peter’s Basilica, which is of great ornamental value; drive to Venice in the afternoon.

Accommodation: Venice or nearby cities

[Every Monday/Thursday*] Venice→Rome (550km)

In the morning, depart for one of the top ten tourist destinations in the world, Venice known as the “Water Capital”. Upon arrival, take a “water taxi” to the famous St. Mark’s Square and visit the Byzantine St. Mark’s Church, connecting the palace and The Bridge of Sighs in the prison, the busiest Grand Canal in the past, and the characteristic shopping alleys. Group members can also take an authentic special gondola boat at their own expense, swim among the canals and enjoy the scenery of the water city, and then go to the famous glass craft factory , visit the centuries-old glass-making process in Venice; in the afternoon, depart for Rome, the capital of Italy, the “eternal capital”.

[Every Tuesday/Friday*] Rome→Vatican→Arezzo (280km)

In the morning, set off to visit the Vatican, the country in the city of Rome – one of the smallest countries in the world, and visit the world’s largest cathedral, St. Peter’s Basilica. It was built only 120 years ago. The structure of the dome of the cathedral is perfect, and the square is breathtakingly majestic and majestic. There is the tombstone of St. Peter in the church, and the only sculpture “Mother’s Love” engraved with the name of the genius artist Michelangelo is still stored in the church. Then visit the sights of Rome: the Colosseum, the cultural essence built in AD 72, the Arc de Triomphe of Constantine, and the magnificent Reunification Memorial Hall; in the afternoon, depart for Florence, known as the cradle of culture. Accommodation: Areso or nearby cities

[Every Wednesday/Saturday*] Arezzo→Florence→Pisa→Genoa Nearby City (250km)


In the morning, set off to visit Florence. From the Piazza Michelangelo on the hill, you can overlook the whole of Florence and appreciate this beautiful city full of literary and artistic atmosphere; visit the attractions in the city: built in the 13th century, the third largest in the world The Church of the Immaculate Conception in the cathedral and the arch bridge of the medieval gold exchange on the Annu River, the Church of the Holy Cross where Italian celebrities Michael Angelo, Da Vinci and the famous physicist Galileo are buried. The world-famous Italian leather industry and leather-making technology originated here, and group members can take this opportunity to purchase practical leather products from leather companies. Head to Pisa in the afternoon, visit the world-famous Leaning Tower of Pisa, and visit the Pisa Cathedral and Baptistery built with white marble nine hundred years ago. The Leaning Tower was originally the bell tower to which the Pisa Cathedral belonged. Standing obliquely, it has become an interesting scenic spot. After traveling, drive to the hotel near the port city of Genoa to stay at the hotel for the night, and do not pass or visit and stay in Genoa. Accommodation: cities near Genoa

[Every Thursday/Sunday*] Genoa Nearby City → Monte Carlo → Nice → Cannes (Cannes) → Avignon Nearby City (450 miles)

Depart for the French Riviera in the morning, and arrive at Monte Carlo, the capital of the small country Monaco, at noon. Overlooking the beautiful scenery of the small country. After the tour, transfer to Nice, a leisure resort, to visit the Bay of Angels and the Promenade of the Englishmen; then go straight to Cannes (Cannes), which is famous for its film festivals, and take photos at the venue of the film festivals. The slate avenue full of handprints Witness the demeanor left by international superstars in Cannes. The south of France is rich in perfumes. On the way, we pass through a small town rich in perfumes, and stop by the perfume factory to visit. The group members can take the opportunity to choose their favorite perfumes; leave the French Riviera in the afternoon, and drive to the hotel where we will stay for the night in the neighboring city of Avignon. Do not stop at Avignon via or tour. Accommodation: nearby cities of Avignon

[Every Friday/Monday*] Avignon Nearby City → Paris (700 kilometers)

Departure in the morning along the highway to Paris, expected to arrive at dusk.


  • The tour fee is counted in “days”, and the last night of the itinerary is without accommodation (that is, seven days and six nights, four days and three nights, and one day without night)
  • Stay in a three-star hotel, no less than a three-star standard, double room for two people, including continental breakfast (coffee or tea, juice, bread, jam)
  • Children aged 2 to 11 must share a room with two adults without occupying a bed (only one child can share a room). If a child needs to occupy a bed, it will be calculated according to the adult group fee
  • Children aged 0 to 2 are free, but must not occupy any seats and services
  • The departure location*time is for reference only, no dispute or claim for delay
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