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[Every Monday/Thursday*] Frankfurt → Prague (530 km)

Departure from Frankfurt, Germany to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic in the morning. It is expected to cross the border into the Czech Republic in the afternoon, and arrive in Prague, the ancient capital of Eastern Europe on the Vltava River at dusk – known as a medieval gem. The spiers and domes of the ancient buildings in the city look resplendent in the setting sun, so it is also known as the Golden City, and the whole city exudes a quaint atmosphere.

[Every Tuesday/Friday*] Prague → Bratislava (330 kilometers)


Depart in the morning to visit the medieval-style Kasten Castle built on the hill – the former palace garden, which has now become the presidential residence and government buildings. The nearby St. Vitus Cathedral was built in the early 10th century. It has experienced many years and witnessed the rise and fall of Prague; then visit the “Golden Trail” where goldsmiths gathered in the past and were famous for their exclusive gold ornaments. The Tava River reaches the old city center. There are centuries-old astronomical clocks and portraits of the twelve apostles on the clock tower of the city hall, which accurately display the astronomical calendar. The square in front of the city hall is the place for historical gatherings and uprisings. The narrow streets in the city Interlaced, every corner is filled with classical and elegant atmosphere; leave Prague in the afternoon and go to the hotel where you will stay. Accommodation: Bratislava or nearby cities.

[Every Wednesday/Saturday*] Bratislava → Budapest (200km)

Depart for Budapest, the capital of Hungary in the morning. Upon arrival, visit this city divided into two by the Danube River. The west bank of the river is called Buda, and the east bank is called Pest. Budapest is known as the “Pearl of the Danube” and “Paris of Eastern Europe”. Sightseeing attractions include: Heroes’ Square celebrating the founding of the country and commemorating the Magyar Union, admiring the Millennium Monument and the Statue of the Magyar Chief. Visit the Parliament Building, Elizabeth Bridge, Fisherman’s Castle, the Matthias Church where successive Hungarian kings were crowned, and the panoramic view of Budapest from the Liberation Monument on Fortress Hill. The team leader can arrange a boat trip on the Danube at his own expense, and enjoy the scenery on both sides of Buda and Pest. It is really not to be missed. Accommodation: Budapest or nearby cities

[Every Thursday/Sunday*] Budapest → Vienna (250km)

In the morning, depart for Vienna, the capital of Austria, and visit the famous Sunbrunn Palace. This magnificent Baroque building, also known as the Schönbrunn Palace, is a palace expanded by the queen Maria Dulisa in the golden age. Cooperating with each other, it fully shows the glory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in its heyday. Then visit the Ring Boulevard, spectacular and magnificent buildings, such as the neo-Gothic-designed city hall, the Greek temple-style parliament building, the majestic Hofburg Imperial Palace, Heroes Square and the State Opera House. In the city park, you can reminisce about the legendary deeds of the waltz king Johann Strauss Jr. and admire his statue; the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in the city center and the bustling pedestrian shopping area are must-see places for tourists. Accommodation: Vienna or nearby cities. (Vienna is known as the “City of Music”, and the waltz is even more famous in the world. In the evening, if the group members are interested, they can arrange by the tour leader to enjoy the waltz music and dance performance at their own expense.)

[Every Friday/Monday*] Vienna→Mondsee→Munich (440km)


Depart for the beautiful Alps in the morning, pass by the beautiful Moon Lake, a beautiful lake in a small town in the Alps, the town is on the bank of Moon Lake, with beautiful scenery. After arriving, stroll in this beautiful town, Basilika St Michael, next to the city hall, is the shooting location for the marriage of the leading actors and actresses of the famous blockbuster movie “Sounds of Music”. After the tour, head towards Munich, Germany. Upon arrival, visit the city hall on Marienplatz or go to the famous beer house to taste a glass of German beer. After the tour, drive to the hotel where you are staying. Accommodation: Munich or nearby cities

[Every Saturday/Tuesday*] Munich → Vaduz → Mt Titlis → Lucerne → Zurich (488 km)

In the morning, set off along the mountain road to Switzerland, which is known as the garden of the world, and head to the central part of Switzerland to start the program of visiting the Daxue Mountain. On the way, we will stop at the picturesque Vaduz for photos. This is the capital of Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world. There are many exquisite antique shops, precious jewelry, and luxury watch shops for guests to choose from. Afterwards, the coach travels through the mountains to the Engelberg mountain area. After arriving, transfer to the rotating cable car and board the “Titlis Peak” which is 3,000 meters above sea level and covered with snow all year round. Go to the snow-viewing platform for a stroll and look around, surrounded by peaks and glaciers. Group members can have lunch at the restaurant on the top of the mountain. After visiting the snow-capped mountains, go to the picturesque city of Lucerne to watch the famous lion monument carved on the cliff, which is to praise the loyalty, bravery and faith spirit of the Swiss nation. Group members can also go shopping in the quaint streets full of boutiques, buy authentic specialty chocolates and souvenirs, and choose famous Swiss watches at famous watch shops. Accommodation: Zurich or nearby cities

[Every Sunday/Wednesday*] Zurich→Rhine Falls→Titisee→Frankfurt (450km)

In the morning, depart for Zurich, the financial center of Switzerland’s largest city, and take photos on the shore of Lake Zurich; then go to Schaffhausen to watch the mighty Rhine Falls, which are like galloping horses. This waterfall is the largest waterfall in Western Europe, and the rapids rushing down are very spectacular and breathtaking. Travel through the Swiss mountain road and enter the Black Forest region of Germany. Because of the lush trees, a dark green forest is formed, with towering trunks reaching into the sky. Later arrive at the famous mountain lake in the Black Forest – Lake Didis. This lake in the mountainous area has a beautiful environment and is a famous resort. It is also the place where cuckoo clocks are produced. Such interesting clocks are sold everywhere. If you are interested, you can arrange someone to introduce the manufacturing process of cuckoo clocks. Afterwards, enjoy a rich pork knuckle lunch or a piece of authentic Black Forest cake at the restaurant by the lake, it is really worth the trip. You Ba drove back to Frankfurt.

[Every Sunday/Wednesday*] Luxembourg → Trier → Koblenz → Rudesheim am Rhein → Frankfurt (400km)

In the morning, depart for the German town of Trier, which is the oldest city in Germany. Its history began in the first century AD. It was once the capital of the Western Roman Empire. During the reign of Emperor Constantine, Trier stepped into the In the golden age, it was known as the Second Rome; Trier was also the birthplace of the great communist Marx, and the former residence of Marx and the Black Castle in the city are must-sees. After a short tour, go to Cobenlenz, known as the “German Corner”, which is the confluence of the two major European rivers, the Rhine and the Mosel, and is a famous scenic spot; the tourist bus travels along the Rhine, and the scenery on both sides Come into view (if the ship’s position and schedule are matched, Rhine river boats can be arranged in summer), and stop for a while on the way through the lively town of Rüdesheim (according to the road conditions at the time); in the afternoon, arrive in Frankfurt, the largest financial city in Germany, for a tour The Roman Berg Square in the city center and St. Paul’s Church, a symbol of freedom and democracy, are bustling commercial streets. Accommodation: Frankfurt or nearby cities


  • The tour fee is counted in “days”, and the last night of the itinerary is without accommodation (that is, seven days and six nights, four days and three nights, and one day without night)
  • Stay in a three-star hotel, no less than a three-star standard, double room for two people, including continental breakfast (coffee or tea, juice, bread, jam)
  • Children aged 2 to 11 must share a room with two adults without occupying a bed (only one child can share a room). If a child needs to occupy a bed, it will be calculated according to the adult group fee
  • Children aged 0 to 2 are free, but must not occupy any seats and services
  • The departure location*time is for reference only, no dispute or claim for delay
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