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Availability: 01 Feb 2023 to 15 Sept 2023


  • Oirase Stream: One of the best sceneries of Japan Tohoku region (especially in Autumn)
  • Aniai Station (*Local Train Experience) to Matsuba Station
  • Ginzan Onsen Old Town
  • Volcano Lake “Okama”
  • Akabeko Cow Puppet (DIY)
  • Nikko Irohazzaka Road


DAY 1 Singapore  Haneda / Narita

Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to the“Land of the Rising Sun” – Japan.

DAY 2 Tokyo  Aomori ~ Nebuta No Sto“Warrase” ~ Seafood Market

Nebuta No Sato “Warrase”: Capture the spirit of the festival and its lively atmosphere, history and traditional lantern setting all around inside the
museum. Those lanterns only can be found in Aomori. Seafood Market: A fish market special for “Nokkeidon” where you can buy and make local delicious by choose different fish (sashimi) slice on the spot then add on to a bowl of rice.

DAY 3 Aomori ~Hirosaki Castle (Bonus: Apr-Sep)~ Oirase Stream ~ Aniai Station ++++ (*Local Train Experience) Matsuba Station ~Lake Tazawa

Hirosaki Castle: is widely considered to be one of
Japan’s most beautiful castles; It’s a hirayama-style Japanese castle constructed in 1611. The Castle ground is now a public park famous for its Cherry Blossom in
Spring. Oirase Stream: is a mountain stream flow from Lake Towada in Aomori of 14km. One of the best sceneries of Japan Tohoku region (especially in Autumn)
Lake Tazawa: The water is bluer than other blue ponds which have been seen in Japan and it is fun to feed fishes though it. The golden dragon lady is

DAY 4 Hanamaki ~Chuson-ji Temple ~ Matsushima Bay Cruise ~Kamaboko
Fish Cake (DIY) ~Sendai Godaido ~Kanrantei ~Aoba Ave

Chuson-ji Temple: a UNESCO World Heritage site, its collections which represent the pinnacle of valuable peaceful Buddhist art in Eastern Japan. Matsushima Bay Cruise: The cruise treats you to four well-known panoramic views on Matsushima Bay. Kamaboko Fish Cake (DIY): Kamaboko is a type of cures surimi. Sendai Godaido Temple: is a small temple hall on islet just next to the pier. Kanrantei : is the only building to survive from a mansion complex of the Date clan in Matsushima. Aoba Ave: is a beautiful tree lined street that runs form the Sendai Station to the Sendai Castle.

DAY 5 Sendai Morning Market~ Fruit Picking ~ Ginzan Onsen Old Town ~Yamagata


Sendai Morning Market: which is said to be “Sendai‘s Kitchen”. It is a good place to experience Sendai’s Food. Fruit Picking: (Feb-May * Strawberry/ Jun-Jul *Cherry / Aug – Oct *Pear / Nov-Dec * Apple) Ginzan Onsen Old Town: is a small hotspring
old town at Yamagata which originally developed for silver mine, but now it became Japan’s prettiest onsen town with historic ryokans lined up along the river. This Onsen was made famous by the NHK television drama “Oshin”.

DAY 6 Yamagata~ Mt. Zao “Snow Monster” (Ropeway) (Bonus: Dec – Mar) ~ Volcano

“Okama” ~ Goshikinuma (Five colour Pond) ~ Lake Inawashiro Mt. Zao “Snow Monster” (Ropeway): it attracted lots of ski enthusiasts and ice-capped trees become “Snow Monsters”. This is a rare sight in Japan. Volcano Lake “Okama”: Active volcano features a beautiful crater with lake, due to its resemblance with
a traditional cooking pot. Goshikinuma: The eruption imparted mineral deposits to the Five Colored Pond giving each of them their own delicate color, ranging from reddish green to cobalt blue. The colors of each pond mysteriously. Lake Inawashiro: is the fourth-largest lake in Japan, located in central Fukushima. It is also known as the “Heavenly Mirror Lake”.

DAY 7 Inawashiro ~ Aizu Wakamatsu ~Akabeko (DIY) ~Ouchijyuku~Kinugawa

Aizu Wakamatsu: An old traditional town that Dr. Noguchi lived. His icon was printed on 1000 yen. Akabeko (DIY): It is a local “Red Cow’s Puppet Toy”
of the Aizu region. Beko is a dialect means “Cattle”. DIY to colour paint and draw your own design pattern on this red cow puppet. Ouchijuku: This village was established under the post station system of the Edo period, and played a
vital role as a rest stop for travellers. It is famous for the numerous traditional that ched buildings from the Edo Period that lines its main street.

DAY 8 Kinugawa – Nikko Irohazzaka Road~ Lake Chuzenjiko ~ Kegon Waterfall
~ Nikko Tisho-Gu  Singapore

Irohazaka Road: has a total of 48 turns. Well-known
for its autumnal sights and it’s also the filming location for “Initial D” movie.
Lake Chuzenjiko: also called Sea of Happiness is a scenic lake in Nikko National Park.
Kegon Waterfall: The water from Lake Chuzenjiko to form a 100m height waterfalls .It is the most famous of Nikko’s beautiful waterfalls.
Nikko Toshogu: It is a magnificent memorial to Tokugawa Ieyasu The lavishly decorated shrine complex consists of more than a dozen buildings set
in a beautiful forest.
*Winter (Dec – Mar): Nikko tour replaced by Kawagoe & Outlets Mall  Singapore
Kawagoe (Little Edo): is an area of Kawagoe City that maintains its historic traditions dating back to the Edo Period.
Premium Outlets Mall: Enjoy your shopping time! Transfer to the airport for your flight back to Singapore with a memorable holiday by Hong Thai Travel.

Note: The above itinerary may not be in sequence and it is
subjected to change without prior notice. Blooming of
flower/fruit is subjected to weather conditions.


  1. Sequence of the itineraries is subject to changes.
  2. Flower viewing/fruit picking are subject to climate conditions.
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