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Availability: 01 Jan 2023 to 30 Nov 2023


• Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to the capital city of Korea.


• Mount Sorak National Park - Ascend to the summit by cable car (subject to weather conditions). Take a peek at the impressive Kwon Kum Seong Fortress, which commands an excellent view of the Outer Sorak region.

• Sokcho Central Market - The market includes a large building with a basement and two floors above ground and specialized alley stores. You may want to try the famous Mansuk Fried Chicken here at your own expenses

Meals on board | Pork Cutlet Lunch | Korean Traditional Rice Set Dinner


• Hyundai Premium Outlet - You can get a wide range of discounted branded merchandise at affordable prices.

• Transfer to Gimpo Airport for flight to Jeju

• Yongduam - It is a 4-meter-high rock standing on the sea, shaped like a dragon's head at one end and with a wide mouth like it is alive.

Breakfast | Hanjeongsik Dinner

Day 04 JEJU

• Seongsan Sunrise Peak - The Peak resembles a great ancient castle when seen from a distance. Its crater is surrounded by the volcanic ashes that were created when lava touched the cold sea more than 100,000 years ago.

• Submarine - Dive into the sea by submarine and see the underwater world of Jeju Island, beautiful corals, fish, and more. (Subject to weather condition)

• Seongeup Folk Village - Which has restored scenes of the village to that of the 1890s. The Village is the island’s main tourist attraction where customs of the old days can be explored.

• Camelia Hill - The botanical garden that is home to 6000 camellia trees of 500 different species!

• Mysterious Road - This road is also known as the 'Ghost Road', where the driver turns off the engine and slowly you will feel the car moving uphill.

• Dongmun Market - You can find seafood, local product, fruits etc. You can experience full of Korean culture and atmosphere at the market.

Hotel Breakfast | Black Pork Bulgogi Lunch

Day 05 JEJU

• O’Sulloc Green Tea Museum (Free green tea ice cream) - Which showcases the production of Korean tea. It also showcase Korean artist tea-ware and other unique pieces collected from around the world.

• Teddy Bear Museum - You will find a comprehensive collection of teddy bears from all over the world. Learn everything you'd ever want to know about teddy bears!

• Jussangjeolli - The reason why it is called by its name is because the rocks in the cliff are formed into polygonal columns. This columnar joint is about 2 km long which runs from the coast of Jungmun-dong up to the Daepo-dong.

• Snoopy Garden - It is a museum and park based around the characters from the cartoon Peanuts. The indoor Garden House has five halls. Outdoor, the park’s 11 gardens blend into Jeju’s natural features.

• Foot Bath Experience – Enjoy a good foot bath to relax your tired foot and get freshen up.

• Nanta Show - Which has achieved outstanding global acceptance. It is a non-verbal stage performance which dramatizes culinary art and customary Korean percussion.

Hotel Breakfast | Homemade Tofu Stew Lunch | Seafood Sashimi Set Dinner


• Transfer from Jeju Airport for flight to Gimpo.

• Everland (Include passport ticket) - The world’s 7th most visited theme park. Experience its wide array of suspended rides like the Hurricane, Corkscrew, Double Loops and the Amazon Express. A safari of animals such as bears, lions and tigers give visitors a chance to get close to the endangered species.

• Fruit Picking - Enjoy fruit picking of your favourite fruit depending on the season.

Hotel Breakfast | Gamjatang Dinner

Day 07 SEOUL

• Gyeongbok Palace - Take a walk around the palace built in AD 1394 during the Chosun Dynasty.

• Ginseng Showroom - Which showcase various types of Koreans ginseng, the unique way of growing it is inherited from the olden days.

• Local Cosmetic Shop - You will learn how to care for your skin and buy cosmetics made in South Korea at affordable price.

• N Seoul Tower - Which sits atop of Namsan Mountain. Seoul Tower offers panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas.

• Dongdaemun Market - A great shopping paradise where traditional open-air markets stand alongside modern shopping malls with fashionable clothing and accessories selling at inexpensive prices.

*Note : A levy of USD150 will be collected from each passenger who leaves the Seoul City tour group.


• Liver Showroom - Well-known for its health products such as cordyceps and huganbao miracle tonic.

• Shinchon Fashion Street - There are many interesting fashion boutiques, beauty salons and eating outlets here.

• Bid farewell to this beautiful country before transferring to the airport for the flight home.

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