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  • Seongsu-dong Café St.

  • Gyeongbok Palace

  • Korean Ginseng Specialty Store

  • Korean cosmetics

  • Gimbap Making + Hanbok Wearing Experience

  • Myeong-dong

  • Healthy Liver Showroom

  • Hongik University Street


  • Mungyeong Rail Bike

  • Andong Hahoe Folk Village

  • Pohang Space Walk

  • Homigot


  • Bulguksa Temple

  • Gyeongju Coffee Street

  • Haeundae Blue Line Park

  • Gamcheon Culture Village (Santorini)

  • Taejongdae

  • Yongdusan Park

  • Nampo-dong International Market and BIFF Square


  • Songhae Park

  • Dongseong-ro street

  • Suyanggae Light Tunnel

  • Dodamsambong Peaks

  • Gugyeong Traditional Market

  • Hands-on Blueberry Cookie Making Experience or Blueberry Picking (Seasonal)


Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and begin your holiday with a pleasant flight to Seoul.Note: In the event of morning flight, passengers will take a first journey to the late 19th century in an old-style electric car and can take a tour at open port area. After that, you'll have fresh seafood noodles before checking into your hotel in Incheon.Enjoy an Eco-friendly car + an additional dinner (Seafood Noodle) and Hotel breakfast


This morning, we will enjoy the Mungyeong Rail Bike (1 Rail Bike for 4 people). The railway used to transport coal more than 20 years ago has now become a tourist resource, and it is the "Mungyeong Rail Bike" that was the first in Korea to walk on the rails. On the rail bike in Mungyeong, you can see the first of the eight scenic spots in Gyeongsangbuk - Jinnam Bridge, feel the cool river breeze, and enjoy the thrill of running in the tunnel. Continue on to Andong Hahoe Folk Village, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a traditional village from the Joseon Dynasty


Today we will go to the Pohang Space Walk. A curved steel frame with bright lighting, portrays the symbol of Pohang, "the city of steel and light." Next to Homigot, the brilliant yellow canola at the entrance blooms in April and May. A bronze sculpture in the shape of a hand has been installed as a symbol of Pohang. Transfer to Gyeongju, visit Bulguksa Temple, which was designated as a World Cultural Heritage site in 1995. Despite being over 1,500 years old, it is still worth seeing for its exquisite stone carving craftsmanship, cloister and Daeungjeon Hall. The interior of the treasure hall where the statue of Sakyamuni is placed is gorgeous, and the carvings of the many pagodas are elegant and beautiful. It was the pinnacle of Silla culture at that time. Next, stroll along Gyeongju Coffee Street – Famous punch-in hotspot. In recent years, a new atmosphere has been brewing in Gyeongju. Many characteristic and creative shops have been stationed on Huangli Tuan Road next to Daereungwon, creating different styles of Gyeongju cafes, gourmet shops and cultural and creative products in traditional Korean houses. Note: Children under the height of 110 cm are not permitted to enter the Pohang Space Walk.Seasonal Inclusion Cherry Blossom Viewing at Bomun Lake (Sakura Season Free Tour until April 7)



Today we will experience a train ride on Haeundae Blue Line Park – a leisure and entertainment facility built along the coastline of Busan (about 30 minutes by one-way train). All seats in the carriage have glass windows facing the sea on one side, and the railway tracks extending along the coastline allow passengers to enjoy the beautiful sea view. Next, visit Gamcheon Culture Village, known as “Korea’s Santorini” (a mural village). It is located at the foot of the mountain and is a beautiful village formed by houses gathered in steps in the center of the alleys. This was originally an old residential area on the hill in Busan. Due to the promotion of the re-planning of the city, various colours and lovely landscaping have been used to add an artistic atmosphere to the village. Built along the hillside, there are small stepped houses with lovely crayon colors. There are also maze-like alleys, making this a fairy tale world. You can relive your childhood in Taejongdae by riding the Danubi train. A natural park of Busan with magnificent cliffs facing the open sea on the southernmost tip of the island of Yeongdo-gu. Thereafter, proceed to Yongdusan Park which offers a beautiful view of Busan Port and the surrounding scenery. Next, visit Nampo-dong International Market and BIFF Square, which promote the advancement of Korea’s film industry, and also contribute to Busan’s newly transformed district as an international cultural tourist city. The biggest charm of Nampo-dong is that it has a variety of fashionable shopping products, allowing you to shop to the fullest and enjoy the pleasure and fun of shopping.Seasonal Inclusion Taejongdae Hydrangeas' flowering period starts mid-June to early July.


After breakfast, visit Songhae Park, which was developed in 2017 along with Okyeonji Pond. The name of Songhae Park is after Korea's famous singing competition show host, Song Hae, whose statue and caricatures are inside the park. Next, proceed to Dongseong-ro street. It is a popular shopping street in the Daegu area. Here you can grasp the current popular trends. Whether it is a variety of cartoon-shaped T-shirts, handmade accessories, fashionable clothes, etc., you can buy them here at reasonable and low prices. Thereafter, transfer to Danyang Suyanggae Light Tunnel, a magical wonderland of colourful lights, featuring a secret garden! The multimedia tunnel makes you wonder and amaze.


After breakfast, we will proceed to the eight scenic spots in Danyang; the most beautiful and famous are the Dodamsambong Peaks, which are three rocks standing in the center of the S-shaped Namhan River. Thereafter, visit Gugyeong Traditional Market to experience its unique culture with various street foods. In the spring, summer, fall and winter, you can enjoy Blueberry Cookie Making Rice Cake making (all year around) or Blueberry Picking (Seasonal: mid-June through end-July) at Blueberry Farm Village. Continue to visit Seongsu-dong Café St. Brooklyn of Seoul, originally a shoe district, has become the "it" spot to hang out in Seoul, Korea with its converted warehouses and cafes and boutique shops.


Our Seoul city sightseeing will allow all to view the grandeur of the 40-acre Gyeongbok Palace, which was built in AD 1394 during the Chosun Dynasty. En route, stop at the Korean Taekuk Ginseng Gallery and Korean Cosmetics Showroom, where Korea-manufactured beauty products are available at affordable prices. Next, proceed to Insadong, a quaint neighbourhood, known to have the best souvenir shops, antique stores, traditional stationery shops, handicraft shops, pottery and porcelain shops in town. Following that, you will enjoy the DIY gimbap and hanbok experience. Do you know the Netflix K-drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”? This time you can make Gimbap like Woo! A unique Korean travel experience [in traditional costumes] is also available. Put on the ancient traditional Hanbok and happily capture the beautiful shadow in the antique traditional Hanok-style scene. Last but not least, contiune, “Shopping sensations in Myeongdong,” one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts.Note: Gyeongbok Palace will be closed on Tuesday; we will replace it with Changdeok Palace.


After breakfast, proceed to the Healthy Liver Showroom, The main ingredient of Huganbao, Hovenia dulcis fruit stalk extract powder HD-1, Premium, was selected from the Hovenia dulcis tree by the research of Dr. Luo Tianxiu for 10 years, using high and low molecular separation methods, which is very effective for the liver functional effect. Drive to Hongik University Street, which is the trendiest place for the latest youth fashion. There are many interesting fashion boutiques, beauty salons and eating outlets in this area. You will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope that you had a memorable vacation with ASA Holidays.

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