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Availability: 01 Oct 2023 to 30 Nov 2023


~ Horseback riding with the view of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak

~ Tea appreciation, meditation & yoga at Chuidasan Resort

~ Tangerine picking and tasting experience

~ Leisure nature hike through Sorongkot Trail in Meochewat Forest

~ Green tea appreciation session at an authentic green tea farm

~ Seogwipo Forest of Healing – Forest Healing program

~ Water therapy at WE Hotel

~ Hiking along Suwolbong Peak, 77m tall volcanic hill

~ Walk with a nature guide in Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park

~ Greem café – Jeju’s 2D cartoon café

~ Hike up Mount Hallasan with climbing certificate


~ return airport transfers;

~ 5 nights accommodation;

~ 5 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 dinners, 1 hiking snack;

~ entrances to all experiences stated in the itinerary;

~ Mount Hallasan climbing certificate;

~ English speaking local guide.


~ air travel to Jeju, South Korea;

~ tourist visa arrangement;

~ personal travel insurance;

~ any expenditure of personal effects;

~ meals not mentioned in the itinerary;

~ anything not specified in the itinerary.


Day 1    Arrive Jeju Island

Welcome to Jeju island, where you are in for a treat of the beautiful natural landscape and fresh air. The first order of the day would be a delicious bowl of abalone hot stone pot bibimbap.

After lunch, enjoy a horseback riding activity with the view of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a unique way of seeing the UNESCO World Natural Heritage site. Also known as ‘Sunrise Peak’, Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak is an archetypal tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed about 5 thousand years ago.

After dinner, there will be a tea appreciation session at the resort you are staying in.

Meal: Lunch, Dinner

Stay: Chuidasun Resort Tea & Meditation


Day 2    Chuidasun & Experiences

Enjoy a morning of relaxing meditation and yoga at Chuidasan. Later that morning, we shall head off for some fun experiences in picking tangerines! It is tangerine season, so you will be seeing plenty of sweet-tasting tangerines hanging off trees. Taste for yourself why tangerines in Jeju are as sweet as honey. That’s probably why they account for the majority of the tangerine production in South Korea!

After lunch, take a leisure nature hike through Sorongkot Trail in Meochewat Forest. Meochewat Forest is unfamiliar even to residents. “Meoche” means a place where stones are piled up and overgrown with weeds, and “wat” means field. These two words add up to “a forest road full of stones and trees.” In the cedar forest of Sorongkot Trail, you can catch a glimpse of a dwelling where residents lived many decades ago.

Last experience for today would be a green tea appreciation session at an authentic green tea farm. Jeju island is well known to produce excellent green tea because of its temperate climate, frequent rainfall, and fertile black volcanic soil.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Stay: Gloucester or Air City Hotel Jeju

Hiking Distance: 6.3 km | Hiking Duration: 2.5 hours

Day 3    Forest Healing & Water Therapy

Today’s a day of receiving healing for your soul and body through nature. Start off with a healing nature walk through Seogwipo Forest of Healing. Relax your body and mind as you engulf yourself fully with the sounds of natural flowing water, singing mountain birds, and crisp forest air.

After lunch, relax your muscles with a hydrotherapy session at the WE Hotel with their water-based state-of-the-art types of equipment.

Back to your hotel for a peaceful night of slumber.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Stay: Gloucester or Air City Hotel Jeju

Hiking Distance: 5.3 km | Hiking Duration: 2 hours

Day 4    Suwolbong & Hwansang Forest

Set off this morning for a nice hike along Suwolbong Peak. Located on the most western point of Jeju Island, this 77m tall volcanic hill is made of various volcanic sediments and surrounded by acres of green fields that face the beautiful sea.

After lunch, visit Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park where your nature guide shares interesting local stories and points out a variety of plants and animals that cohabit on this natural primeval forest in Jejudo Island. This forest remains cool in the summer and warm in the winter, making it the only place in the world where northern and southern distribution limit plants can coexist.

Indulge in some selfies at Greem café, a café designed with two-dimensional art pieces. In a world where everything is three-dimensional, it is interesting to experience stepping into a place that looks like it has been ripped off a cartoonist notebook.   

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Stay: Gloucester or Air City Hotel Jeju

Suwolbong Peak Hiking Distance: 4.6 km | Hiking Duration: 2 hours

Hwansang Forest Gotjawal Park Hiking Distance: 3 km | Hiking Duration: 1.5 hours

Day 5    Mount Hallasan

Set off early this morning for the hike up Mount Hallasan, the highest mountain in South Korea. Take the Gwaneumsa Trail to Baengnokdam Crater where authentic Korean hiking packed lunch of cup ramyun and kimbap awaits you.

The descend will be via Seongpanak Trail, allowing you to experience Mount Hallasan in its entirety.

Check into your unique accommodation for a night of glamping and BBQ session where you can recount all the exciting memories you have created over the past 5 days.

Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Hiking Snacks

Stay: Jeju Best Hill Glamping


Day 6    Depart Jeju Island

In the early morning, stretch your sore muscles with a leisure walk in the forest around the glampsite. After breakfast, we will make a trip down to Dongmun Traditional Market where you can shop for some local goodies before your flight out of Jeju island.

Meal: Breakfast

Stay: Nil


~ A deposit of 20% if required at the time of booking. Balance payment will be collected 60 days prior to departure.

~ This trip requires minimum 4 travellers to depart. <SUBMIT A REQUEST?> for a quote of 2-to-go.

~ Should you require a visa to enter South Korea, it is your responsibility to obtain such document before departure.

~ Please only book your air ticket to Jeju island, South Korea when you have been informed to do so.

~ You are advised to wear appropriate hiking shoes for days that include hiking.

~ Because hiking requires certain level of cardio and stamina exertion, it is not suitable for members with chronic and/or acute disease. Please consider your physical condition before booking. Members must ensure they are medically and physically able to hike.

~ Trip grading is an indication on the difficulty of the activities included. Preparation and engaging in regular exercise to maintain good physical condition and active lifestyle prior to the trip will be most beneficial in ensuring you have full enjoyment of the trip. We are glad to discuss your concerns and answer your queries.

~ Our utmost priority is always the safety of the traveller. Therefore, the route and inclusion may be altered by the Local Guide due to (not limited to) bad weather, accommodation book out, local conditions, and/or other unexpected circumstances beyond control. Travel Wander and its Operator reserve the right to make changes necessary and there will be no refund should you decide to discontinue with the trip or event.

~ There is no refund should you wish not to take part in any of the included experiences as per illustrated in the itinerary.

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