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Group Tours

Availability: 01 Jan 2023 to 30 Nov 2023


• Gyeongsangbuk-Do/Ulsan : Ulsan Taehwagang Grand Park, Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk.
• Gyeonggi-Do : Fruit Picking Session (Seasonal)
• Busan : Nakdong Raspberry Wine Tunnel, Nakdong, Nakdong Rail Bike, Gaya Theme Park, Painter Hero Show, Gamcheon Culture Village, International Market & BIFF Square, Apec House, Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, Gijang Market, Gwanganli Bridge, Bay 101.
• Daegu : Daegu Palgongsan Cable Car, DangDang Chicken DIY, DongSeongRo Shopping Street.
• Seoul : Gyeongbok Palace with Hanbok, Bukchon, Gwangjang Market, Dongdaemun Market, Shinchon Shopping Street, Korean Cosmetics Showroom, Korean Ginseng Showroom, Healthy Liver Showroom.

Special Inclusion:

• Andong Hahoe Folk Village – A traditional village from the Joseon Dynasty
• Busan X The Sky

Meal Plans:

• 6 Breakfast | 6 Lunch | 4 Dinner


• Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to the capital city of Korea. *Note : In the event of morning flight, passengers will stay the night at Incheon and enjoy an additional breakfast.


• Andong Hahoe Folk Village – A traditional village from the Joseon Dynasty.
• Ulsan Taehwagang Grand Park – One of Korea’s largest urban waterfront parks, harmonizing water, bamboo, rapeseed flowers, green barley, and trees.

Day 03 BUSAN
• Nakdong Raspberry Wine Tunnel – The wine tunnel is perfect for aging persimmon wine which is a local specialty.
• Nakdong Rail Bike – Is a river rail bike runs for about 3km in distance. Experience a unique atmosphere as you bypass the vintage railway bridge.
• Gaya Theme Park – Theme Park displays Gaya history in an easy-to-understand manner, fun performances, events, and various hands-on events.
• Painter Hero Show – An innovative nonverbal performance. It is a colourful new concept art performance that recreates the heroic characters of childhood with paintings as materials, and adds light-hearted comedy combined with wonderful dance.
• Gamcheon Culture Village – The area is known for its layered streets, twisted labyrinth-like alleys, and brightly painted houses.
• International Market and BIFF Square – That promotes the advancement of Korea’s film industry, and also contributed to Busan’s newly transformed district as an international cultural tourist city.


Day 04 BUSAN

• Busan X The Sky – An observatory deck which takes you from the 98th to 100th floors of the Landmark. You can enjoy the thrills of walking across shocking bridge, a transparent bridge high in the sky!
• APEC House – The most beautiful place among the meeting places where the 2005 APEC meeting was held.
• Haedong Yonggungsa Temple – Build in 1376 next to the seaside with a spectacular view.
• Gijang Market – Is a traditional outdoor market selling live and dried seafood of all kinds. It has a long history dated back to 1944 and is known as the best place to go for the freshest seafood in Busan.

• Gwanganli Bridge – Drive Pass to see the breath-taking lights that changes with the season.
• Bay 101 – A beautiful place to view the nightscape in Busan City.

• Daegu Palgongsan Cable Car – Is a famous mountain in Daegu reaching heights of 1,192 meters. It was called with many different names during the Silla period.
• DangDang Chicken DIY – Have fun tasting Korean chicken made by your own hands.
• Dongsung Ro Shopping Street – One of the busiest shopping streets in Daegu where you will be able to find a lot of fashion apparels for everyone.

• Danyang Mancheonha Skywalk + Monorail (One Way) – One of the most demanding places among tourists. The skywalk is located 90 meters up above the hill, in a unique shape of a slanted egg which includes a one-way monorail to reach the skywalk. Furthermore, it offers a bird’s eye view of Danyang.
• Fruit Picking – Enjoy fruit picking of your favourite fruit depending on the season.
• Dongdaemun Market – A great shopping paradise where traditional open-air markets stand alongside modern shopping malls with fashionable clothing and accessories selling at inexpensive prices.

Day 07 SEOUL

• Gyeongbok Palace – Take a walk around the palace built in AD 1394 during the Chosun Dynasty.
• Ginseng Showroom – Which showcase various types of Koreans ginseng, the unique way of growing it is inherited from the olden days.
• Local Cosmetic Shop – Learn how to care for your skin and buy cosmetics made in South Korea at affordable price.
• Bukchon – Visit the well-preserved houses of Bukchon are well worth visiting. Some of the houses are actual residents of artists; craftsmen; weavers while others have opened up as cultural centres and traditional tea houses.
• Gwangjang Market – One of the best places to go for original Korean street food in Seoul.
*Note : A levy of USD150 will be collected from each passenger
who leaves the Seoul City tour group.

• Liver Showroom – Well-known for its health products such as cordyceps and huganbao miracle tonic.
• Shinchon Fashion Street – There are many interesting fashion boutiques, beauty salons and restaurants in this area.
• Bid farewell to this beautiful country before transferring to the airport for the flight home.


  1. A minimum group size of 12 passengers is required for a confirmed
    departure. Group size of 11 and below will solely be at the discretion of LGE
    Travel and passengers need to accept the arrangement.
  2. The sequence of the itinerary, flight schedules and hotels are subject to
    change without prior notice in the event of unforeseen circumstances.
  3. During major events, accommodation may be re-located to another city
    without prior notice.
  4. In the event that a place of visit is fully booked or closed due to public
    engagement or bad weather conditions, it will be replaced with an
  5. All guides are Chinese speaking, if an English guide is required, additional
    charges may apply.
  6. Should there be any discrepancies over the English and Chinese Version of
    the Itinerary, we shall follow accordingly to the English Version.
  7. We, as a Travel Agent shall not be held responsible in the event of a flight
    delay which can lead to disruptions in the itinerary.
  8. Tour Fare does not Include All Airport Taxes, Fuel Surcharges, Visa
    Application Fees, Tipping, Porterage, and all expenses of a personal nature.
  9. For groups of 20 passengers and above, we will have a tour manager to
    accompany the tour throughout.
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