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NamHo Exclusive

In Gexian Village Scenic Area: As night falls, the moonlight, lights, water system, and buildings complement each other, and the radiance is radiant, both real and illusory. Visitors seem to have stepped into a beautiful and dreamy realm. Wearing a fairy costume, carrying a lantern, and strolling on the quaint streets, this scene is like a person in a painting. Watching the night lights of the city, travel through the millennium, and experience an ancient garden party.

Gexian Village - Real-life Xanadu

Gexian Mountain - It is located at the northern foot of Wuyi Mountain. The main peak Gexian Peak is 1096.3 meters above sea level

Wangxian Valley - Qingming Festival in the valley

Exclusive arrangement of Yaochi fairyland lotus blessing water lamp + customized travel photography

Exclusive arrangements for senior commentators to explain the whole process @kongshinanzongjiamiao


Exclusive Jinhua signature ham and duck

Exclusive Quzhou Nankong Flavor

Exclusive Jianglangshan Country Cuisine

Exclusive Fairy Village Gossip Banquet

Exclusive Qiandao Lake organic fish head

Exclusive "A Bite of China" Ju Ying Noodle Soup - Pian Er chuan

Exclusive Shanghai CCA Award Xiao Long Bao

Accommodation: International brand 4 & 5* Hotel + 01N @Gexian Village International Tourism Resort)

Special Bonus :

Gexian Village Plum Blossom from 15Feb - 15Mar.

Spring flower viewing from 15Mar to 15Apr (cherry blossom, tulips viewing in Yanwei Island)

Hydrangeas viewing in Gexian Village from May to Jun

Quzhou Jiangshan Red Maple Photography Festival from 15 Nov-15Dec .



Check in at Singapore Changi Airport for your flight to Shanghai Pudong Airport.


Upon arrival at Shanghai Pudong International Airport, welocme and pick up by local tour guide.

After a simple breakfast (at your own expense), head to the super popular Shaoxing Ancient City

Tushiita Temple (including scenic traffic) - the world's first "indoor" open-air giant Buddha built at a cost of 2 billion, and the world's largest 48-petal copper-plated golden lotus on the top of the temple .

Shaoxing Keyan Scenic Spot - Jiangnan version of Mogao Grottoes. A scenic spot with ancient Yue culture as its connotation.

Jian Lake (cruise imcluded) - comparable to West Lake. It is said that the water used for brewing Shaoxing wine is taken from here.

Lu Town - It is just a written water town that existed in Lu Xun's novels.

Accommodation: 4* Holiday Inn Shaoxing Hotel or similar


Drive to Dongyang after breakfast

Hengdian World Studios - China Hollywood. It is one of the largest film studios in the world.

Here also can visit the Guangzhou street, Hong Kong Street & Along the River During the Qingming Festival.

Proceed to Jinhua - the ham capital of China.

Visit the Wuzhou Ancient Town night view (Baoning Gate & Wanfo Tower,compulsory tour) - The existing city walls and gate towers of the ancient town in Wuzhou were all built in the Tang Dynasty. It is the only existing city wall of the Tang Dynasty in China and is known as the "treasure of ancient Chinese architecture".

Note: "Hengdian Film and Television City" is not availiable in the 8D 7N itinerary

Accommodation: 5* Marriott Hotel or Pullman Hotel or similar


Drive to Jiangshan

Visit China Danxia Jianglang Mountain (Included Transport) - 5A scenic spot. World Natural Heritage.

Nianbadu Ancient Town - "National Geographic" Xianxia Ancient Road that must be visited in one's life

Tonight visit the night view of Shuiting Street Historic District(compulsory tour) - Shuitingmen is a block with the most concentrated traditional buildings and the richest historical and cultural relics in Quzhou City. The architectural style and street texture are well preserved.

Accommodation: 5* DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel or similar


Quzhou Confucius Temple (Included Explainer) - Here is one of the only two Kong family temples left in China, and is known as Nanzong (the Southern Temple).

Drive to Yanshan

Gexian Village (including scenic transportation) - The real version of Xanadu. 5A scenic spot. It is a blessed place for tourists to recuperate their souls, a brand-new "wonderland tourism and vacation destination".

a) Day tour attractions: China Town Object Cultural Museum, Fengwei Cottage, Winery, Golden Chamber Hall, Zhongmiao Pavilion, Calamus Museum, Tingxiang Xiaoshe, Wuheyouju, Langgan Xiaoxie

b) Night tour: enjoy the dreamlike and beautiful night view at night, 19 night tour viewing spots such as Yuqing Terrace, Xichenmen, Qingyoujian, Yuansheng Pond, Taixu Illusion, Zhongmiao Pavilion light show, large-scale water screen movie "Xiu Heart Returns to Maki", Bonfire Party (every Tuesday).

c) Customized travel photography@two photographers with six hours of caring service with the group, recording the day and night of Xiancun (3pm-9pm, shooting + video dual-camera), each guest in the group will be given a 12-inch A group photo of the whole group is plastic-packed, and each guest is presented with 5 personal electronic version of the beautiful photos, and a short video highlight micro-movie (30 seconds long) for the whole group.

Exclusive arrangement: personally light the blessed lotus water lanterns and place them in the fairyland of Yaochi. Late at night, you have the opportunity to enjoy the rare dreamy night view of the starry sky (depending on the weather)

Accommodation: Pillow Mountain Fairyland Hotel in Gexian Village International Tourism Resort Scenic Area


Wake up naturally and enjoy the buffet breakfast

Gexian Mountain (Included return ropeway) - It has four best scenic spots: extraordinary pine trees, grotesque rocks, sea of clouds, and whistling of the wind in the pines. In January 2018, it has been designated as an 4A tourist site by the China National Tourism Administration. Afterwards, watch the realistic version of the beautiful scenery of Wuyi Mountains "A Thousand Miles of River Mountain Map" - 9D colorful glass corridor experience.

In the afternoon, go to the most popular Instagramable scenic spot - Wangxian Valley, which is known as the Qingming Riverside Scene in the valley.

It's a breathtaking natural scenic area with famous attractions such as Sankouguo, Wangxiangu Waterfall, San Die Waterfall, Guaishi Beach & Glass Bridge.

Last,visit the Wangxiangu night view.

Accommodation: 5* Narada Hotel or R&F Wanda Realm Hotel or similar


Go to Jiande

Meicheng Ancient Town - The most popular millennium old city in Jiangnan, known as the small Dali . You can climb the ancient city wall to see the beautiful scenery of Xin'an River. Guests can enjoy all kinds of snacks and delicacies in the food street of the ancient city.

Proceed to Hangzhou

visit West Lake

Taste "A Bite of China" Juying Noodle soup --Pian Erchuan

At night, visit the night scene of Hefang Street in Ming and Qing Dynasties (compulsory tour)

Accommodation: 4* Hangzhou Chaoshan Holiday INN Hotel or Zhongan Holiday INN Hotel or similar


After breakfast, visit the Meijiawu tea garden

Tea picking experience, take pictures of the most beautiful tea garden

Back to Shanghai

Visit Yu Garden, Chenghuang Temple shopping area

In the evening, visit the Bund night scene + Huangpu River cruise (compulsory tour)

Accommodation: 5* Metropolitan Harbor Plaza Hotel or similar


After breakfast, visit the No.1192 Lane Old Shanghai Style Street

Free shopping at Bicester Village

After breakfast, heading to the airport for your flight back to Singapore. We hope you enjoyed your trip.


Compulsory Tour (SGD120/PAX)

Night view of Wuzhou ancient town + Night view of Shuitingmen + Gexian Mountain (including Ropeway) to appreciate the realistic version of "A Thousand Miles of Rivers and Mountains" + Night view of Hefang Street in Ming and Qing Dynasties + Night view of the Bund (including Huangpu iver cruise)

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