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Day 1 Singapore - Incheon, Korea

Assemble at Changi Airport, proceed check in your pleasant flight to Incheon, Korea.

Day 2 Gimpo-Jeju

Upon arrive Incheon, transfer to Gimpo and take the domestic carrier flight to JEJU. Arrive jeju, head to our first stop to the colorful Rainbow Road on Jeju Island, where you can take beautiful photos against the backdrop of blue sky and white clouds. The Pear Blossom Horse Lighthouse is also a popular attraction on Jeju Island, where two cute red and white horses face each other, attracting many tourists to take pictures. They are located next to the Pear Blossom Rafting Beach. Next, we will visit the Dongmen Market, the largest and oldest permanent market on Jeju Island. It combines a public market, night market, traditional market, and seafood market, selling a wide variety of foods and goods.

Day 3 Jeju

After breakfast, head to Seongsan Ilchulbong, a huge rock standing on the eastern end of Jeju Island, which is one of the 360 sub-volcanoes of Hallasan Mountain and also the world's largest volcano protruding from the coast. Next, visit a traditional Korean village - Seongeup Folk Village, where visitors can learn about ancient Korean architecture, life, and culture, and the village also preserves the original appearance of ancient villages. Jeju Stone Culture Park is a representative park in Jeju area with a stone theme. Eco Land Theme Park is a perfect family-friendly park, and the most popular attraction is the experience of riding a vintage steam train through the primitive forests of Jeju Island.

Day 4 Jeju-Busan

After breakfast, head to Busan to visit one of its most well-known skywalks, the Songdo Skywalk. Another must-visit attraction in Busan is the Gamcheon Culture Village, which was once a humble village for the underprivileged but has now been transformed into a tourist destination through the efforts of its residents, government support, and the artistic creations of various artists. Haeyundae Beachfront Train, which offers breathtaking views of the beautiful scenery along the eastern part of Busan. Riding on the tracks that run parallel to the promenade, you can enjoy the colorful coastal views to the fullest. Nampodong Shopping District, a popular commercial and shopping area in Busan, including the Lotte Department Store Gwangbok Branch and the Gwangbok-ro Culture and Fashion Street. You can find all kinds of brand name stores, trendy boutiques, budget stores, as well as a variety of dining options and street food.

Day 5 Busan - Jeolla-do

  • Autumn: Visit organic farms to experience the fun of picking fresh strawberries. It is suitable for people of all ages, allowing them to fully appreciate and

    taste the local varieties' freshness and sweetness. The Naejangsan (Cable Car) is an excellent viewpoint where visitors can overlook the entire Jeolla do,

    allowing them to get closer to nature and appreciate even more beautiful scenery.

  • Winter: Visit organic farms to participate in a DIY tofu-making activity. Visitors will be involved in every step of the tofu-making process, including soaking

    the soybeans, grinding, boiling, filtering, and cooking tofu. Finally, they can taste the tofu they have made with their own hands. Winter Skiing Experience,

    The resort has multiple ski slopes with varying levels of difficulty and modern ski facilities, suitable for visitors with different skiing levels to come and

    challenge themselves. (Includes ski equipment exclude snow suit)

Day 6 Jeonju-Seoul

After breakfast, we will heading to Jeonju, the birthplace of the Joseon Dynasty and a city with over 1,200 years of history. Here, you will find the Jeonju Hanok Village, which is home to over 700 traditional Korean houses. One must-visit historical site is Gyeonggi Jeon, a palace that is often used as a filming location due to its beautiful scenery. Another must-see spot is the Jeon Dong Catholic Church, which is known as the largest and oldest historic building in the Jeolla region. Located on a small hill in the center of Jeonju Hanok Village is the Woomi-dae, a great spot to capture the traditional Korean architecture in your photos. Another historical landmark worth visiting is the Pungnammun Gate, the only surviving gate out of the original four gates that were built during the late Goryeo period. It was rebuilt in 1768 and is now a designated historical site. Tonight, check in unique Hanok Village hotel.

Day 7

Today,visit to Korean Farm Tour, experience Traditional Ginseng Chicken DIY, and learn about traditional Korean health culture and food production techniques. While waiting for Ginseng Chicken, you can also wear hanbok clothing experience , feel the beauty and charm of traditional Korea, and take beautiful photos. In Korea, the most well-known shopping districts are Myeongdong and Dongdaemun. Today, we will visit these two famous shopping districts, where you can find large department stores and brand stores, as well as boutique shops and traditional Korean handicraft stores in various alleys. There are also many food stalls and restaurants on the streets at night.

Day 8 Seoul

After breakfast, we will visit the Ginseng gallery, where a professional guide will introduce us to the unique properties and benefits of Korean ginseng. We will then head to the Comestic Duty Free Center, where you can experience and purchase skincare and beauty products from major brands. Next, we will enjoy a Korean theater performance - the Painters Show, which combines drawing, music, dance, and modern multimedia technology for a truly mesmerizing and entertaining experience. The show's humor and wit transcends language and cultural barriers, making it enjoyable for everyone. We will also visit the HiKR Ground, visitors can view the media artwork "New Urban Landscape" by artist Leeleenam, as well as Korean tourism videos submitted by global Hallyu fans. On the second floor, visitors can use the XR live broadcasting studio to personally create K-pop music videos. Hongdae is a district in the central area of Seoul, known as one of the famous art, culture, and entertainment areas in Korea. It is home to young people, centered around Seoul National University and surrounded by other colleges and art schools. It is a representative of Korean youth culture.

Day 9 Incheon – Singapore

After breakfast, we'll heading to the duty-free center to purchase some liver-protecting supplements. After that, we'll make a final shopping stop for local specialties before heading to the airport to check in for our flight back to Singapore.Thank you for accompanying us on this journey, and as we reminisce about our travels, we look forward to the opportunity to travel with you again in the future

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