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8 days

Group Tours


  • . Juknokwon Bamboo Forest


  • . Seomjingang Train Village


  • . Confucian School - Wolbong Seowon

  • . Yangnim-dong Modern History and

Culture Village

  • . Gwangju Asia Culture Center

  • . Chungjan Ro


  • . Mokpo Sihwa Village


  • . Purple Island


  • . Suncheon Bay Ecological park


  • . Yeosu Ocean Cable Car

  • . Yeosu Art land Culture & Resort

  • . Yi sun shin Square


  • . Gyeongbok Palace

  • . Bukchon Hanok Village

  • . Hongdae

  • . Dongdaemun

  • . Myeongdong Street & Duty Free


Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Incheon.

For passengers that booked on morning flight, we will transfer to hotel for check-in upon arrival.

DAY02: SEOUL - Damyang - Gwangju (L/D)

【Juknokwon Bamboo Forest 】Juknokwon in Damyang is a bamboo forest cultivated by the town of Damyang. This bamboo forest, at approximately 160,000 ㎡ in size, was formed in May 2003. The rock steps and natural sceneries are said to provide healing and relief for stress.

【Seomjingang Train Village 】Seomjingang Train Village has established itself as a popular attraction in Gokseong. A replica of the region's old steam engine train runs 10 kilometers between the old Gokseong Station in Seomjingang Train Village and Gajeong Station. The train runs along the old tracks at a moderate speed, allowing passengers to enjoy the scenic view along the tracks.

DAY03: Gwangju (B/L/D)

【Confucian School- Wolbong Seowon】In this attraction, you can experience wearing Confucian School costume and learn to write Hangul.

【Yangnim-dong Modern History and Culture Village 】Yangnim History &Culture Village is located in the area wher Western items and ideas first entered Gwangju over 100 years ago. As such, the neighborhood has a unique collection of Western architecture mixed with traditional hanok houses.

【Gwangju Asia Culture Center】is an international arts and cultural exchange organization aimed to promote Gwangju as Asia's central hub through the integration of past and present-day cultural arts as well as the development of futuristic and progressive arts.

【Chungjan Ro】is a shopping street lined with shopping malls, clothing stores, restaurants, cafes, movie theaters and various other attractions, providing the ultimate experience of modern culture in Gwangju.

DAY4: GwangJu- Sinan- Yeosu (B/L/D)

【Mokpo Sihwa Village 】is the famous filming location of the movie 1987

【Purple Island 】is a famous Instagrammable attraction and is named as such due to its some 400 buildings with roofs painted in a lovely shade of lilac. In addition, there are fields of lavender, amethyst-hued telephone boxes and a big purple bridge, giving you plenty of Instagrammable moments.

【Suncheon Bay Ecological park 】Suncheon Bay is rapidly gaining international recognition as a natural ecosystem and protected wetland on the Korean peninsula. Suncheon Bay is outstanding for its natural display and its provision of habitat to a variety bird species.

DAY05: Yeosu - SEOUL (B/L)

【Yeosu Ocean Cable Car】Yeosu Cable Car is the first of its kind in Korea, connecting Dolsan Island and the mainland over the ocean.

【Yeosu Art land Culture & Resort】

【Yi Sun Shin Square & Turtle Battleship】

【Hongdae Shopping Street】which is a neighborhood known for its youthful and romantic ambience, underground cultures, and freedom of self-expression


【Ginseng Gallery Showroom】

【Cosmetic Specialist Shop】

【Gyeongbok Palace 】is a royal palace located in northern Seoul, South Korea constructed in 1394 and reconstructed in 1867. (If visiting on Tuesday: We will change to Changdeokgung Palace)

【Bukchon Hanok Village 】The famous village featuring traditional Korean houses.

【Myeongdong Street & Duty Free Shop】, the popular center for fashion and nightlife.


Shopping is the joy of travel, and today after breakfast, it's going to be a wonderful day for you to spend at your own leisure.


【Herb Huganbao】

【Souvenir Shop】if time permits

【Dongdaemun 】is one of the most famous traditional markets in Seoul, where things are famous for their low prices

Flight back to Singapore.

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