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Assemble at Singapore Changi Airport and check-in for your flight to Seoul, the starting point of your adventure in the Autumn Brilliance of Korea.


Start your vibrant autumn journey with a trip to Daedunsan Provincial Park via cable car ride and marvel at the colorful fall foliage covering the mountainous landscape.

Experience the charm of traditional Korean architecture at Jeonju Hanok Village, where hundreds of Hanok (traditional Korean houses) create a stunning aesthetic amidst the autumn hues.

Lunch – Korean Set Lunch / Dinner – Jeonju Specialty


Venture into Naejangsan National Park, a famous autumn destination, where crimson leaves create a breathtaking panorama.

Immerse yourself in tranquillity at Naejangsa Temple, a historic Buddhist temple nestled among the fiery fall colors.

Breakfast – Hotel / Lunch - Damyang Specialty / Dinner – Seafood Stew


Experience the lush greenery of Juknokwon (Bamboo Forest), providing a unique contrast to the autumn colors.

Enjoy the beauty of Metasequoia trees lining Damyang Metasequoia Road, their leaves turning color in autumn.

Wrap up the day at Meta Provence, a European-inspired village, where you can enjoy an idyllic evening stroll amidst beautiful autumn scenery.

Breakfast – Hotel / Dinner – Gamjatang


Visit Nagan Eupseong Folk Village, a UNESCO World Heritage site, offering an extraordinary experience with its preserved traditional fortress town setting.

Revel in the natural beauty of Suncheon Bay Nature Reserve, particularly captivating in autumn when reed fields turn golden. It is a top 5 coastal wetland globally, known for its diverse and stunning ecosystem. With its expansive reedbeds, salt marshes, and tidal flats, it provides a habitat for umerous bird species and supports a rich variety of marine life. Suncheon Bay's clean waters, aided by the purifying properties of reeds, make it a crucial site for endangered waterfowl, migratory birds, and other organisms.

Serving as a vital link between East Asia and Australia along migratory flyways, this internationally significant wetland boasts high biodiversity, including various benthic invertebrates, summer halophytes, and a wide array of bird species.

Breakfast – Hotel / Lunch - BBQ Pork Ribs / Dinner – BBQ Eel


Engage in a unique cultural experience at the Korean Folk Village a living museum that represents the traditional way of life for Koreans.

Visit Deoksugung Palace, a stunning historical site where you can appreciate the striking contrast between traditional architecture and vibrant autumn leaves.

Spend the early evening at Myeongdong, Seoul's shopping paradise, offering a modern contrast to your cultural experiences.

Dinner at a restaurant featured in the Michelin Guide, famous for its Samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup), accompanied by a variety of traditional Korean dishes.

Breakfast – Hotel / Lunch - Folk Village / Dinner – Samgyetang

Day 7: SEOUL

Visit the iconic Namsan N Seoul Tower for panoramic city views framed by autumn hues.

Explore the Blue House, the executive office and the Presidential residence, set against the backdrop of picturesque fall colors.

Lunch at beautiful restaurant, located in Seoul's picturesque hills, offers a tranquil dining experience amid traditional Korean architecture enhanced by serene garden views, not only it is a culinary delight but also a cultural immersion into Korea's rich heritage.

Wander through the majestic Gyeongbokgung Palace wearing a Hanbok, and revel in its historic charm heightened by the beauty of autumn.

Discover the trendy neighborhood of Ikseon-dong, where traditional Hanok houses are transformed into modern shops and cafes.

Enjoy a relaxing afternoon tea at a Hanok-style café in a vintage neighborhood.

Experience Seoul's vibrant night culture in Hongdae, a neighborhood known for its artistic spirit, indie music, and street performances.

Breakfast – Hotel / Lunch – Hanjeongsik

Day 8: SEOUL

Spend a Free & Easy day exploring the city at your own pace. You might choose to revisit your favorite spots or discover new ones, all imbued with the beautiful colors of autumn.

Breakfast – Hotel


Spend your final day of adventure at a Starfield Shopping Mall, where you can enjoy last-minute shopping.

Depart from Seoul to Singapore carrying memories of a vibrant Korean autumn.

Breakfast – Hotel

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