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6 days

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Trip Highlights

~ Walk along the vibrant Dodu-dong Rainbow Coastal Road for a chance to catch Haenyeo divers in action.

~ Hike to the summit of Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site.

~ Visit Seongneup Folk Village, preserved the village life of Old Jeju with living residents up to today.

~ Walk the picturesque coastal routes of Olle Trail 8 and 10.

~ Visit O’sulloc Green Tea Museum to learn more about green tea culture in Jeju.

~ Admire the beautiful camellia flowers and other seasonal faunas at Camellia Hill.

~ Experience hiking on snowy trails inside Mount Halla National Park.

~ Enjoy the tranquillity of Saryeoni Forest as you hike through the lesser-explored route.

~ FREE Olle Passport.

Day 1    Arrive Jeju

 Welcome to Jeju Island! Upon arrival, meet and greet with our local Guide and transfer for breakfast.

 The Dodu-dong Rainbow Coastal Road is where the sea and sky stretch out seemingly forever. Considered one of the hottest spots on Jeju Island for some picture moments, there are many cafes, and restaurants nearby.

 Seongsan Ilchulbong has long been considered one of the top scenic destinations in Korea, designated a Natural Monument in Korea as well as the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List.  It attracts millions of visitors a year, many of whom climb to the top for the breathtaking panoramic view of the ocean, Udo Island, Hallasan Mountain, and the volcanic landscape of the east.

 Visit Seongneup Folk Village, which preserves the living site of the people of old Jeju and has been designated as an Important Folklore Cultural Heritage. Up to today, there are still villagers living in the folk village and the village residents act as volunteer guides to show visitors the village. The Saw-leaf Zelkova and Japanese hackberry in the centre of the village are worth taking time to see.

 Our day ends at the Dongmun Traditional Market where you can get to sample all sorts of Korean street food as you explore the various alleyways.

 Meal: Breakfast, Lunch

Stay: Whistle Lark Hotel or similar


 Day 2    Olle Trail 10

 Our first olle trail of the trip begins at the Hwasun Golden Sand Beach and ends at Hamo-ri in Daejeong-eup. The route passes by Sseokeun-dari, Hwangwoochi Beach, Sanbang-san and Songak-san. See the magnificent figure of Sanbang-san at the beginning of the route and the small island communities of Mara-do and Gapa-do in the distance.

 As you pass Sanbangsan Mountain to the north, see the Yongmeori Coast, a rock formation that looks like a dragon jumping into the sea. The sandstone layers here have built up over tens of millions of years. There is a replica ship built here to commemorate the shipwreck of the Dutch explorer Hamel and his time on Jeju Island.

 Along the last section Songsaksan Dulle-gil Trail, see superb coastal scenery and stand a chance to see horses, goats, and wildflowers up close.

 As you pass the coastal town of Sagye, be sure to turn around to catch a spectacular view of Mount Halla and Sanbang behind you.

 Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Stay: Shin Shin Hotel or similar

 Hiking Distance: approx. 15.6 KM                           Hiking Duration: approx. 6 hours


Day 3    O’sulloc Green Tea Museum – Camellia Hill – Oedolgae Rock – Cheonjiyeon Waterfall – Maeil Olle Market

 Visit the O’sulloc Green Tea Museum, a place of culture where tradition and modern east and west are harmonised, and a nature-friendly resting area. It is good to experience everything about green tea to understand the traditional tea culture of Korea and green tea.

 Visit the 20-hectare Camellia Hill Park which holds some 6,000 camellia trees and over 500 different species of wildflowers, trees, and other plants, like hydrangeas.

 Oedolgae Sea Stack sits not far from the shores of Sammaebong Peak in Seogwipo. It is an amazing rock 20 meters in height and is estimated to have formed approximately 1.5 million years ago.

 The water of Cheonjiyeon Falls appears to fall from the heavens, giving it its name, meaning "sky connected with land." The wooded area around the falls is home to the wild dampalsu trees, designated as Natural Monument, as well as a great variety of rare plants such as brambles, and songyeopnan as well as gusiljappam trees, sanyuja trees (Chinese lemon trees), and camellias.

 Shop to your heart’s content at the Maeil Olle Market traditional market where you can find local produce such as Gim (dried seaweed), salted fish, side dishes, seafood, hallabong, tangerines, cheonhehyang, dried seafood, utensils, kimchi, and some olle trail souvenirs.

 Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Stay: Shin Shin Hotel or similar


Day 4    Hallasan Snow Hike – 1100 Altitude Wetland – Saryeoni Forest

 In the morning, proceed to Hallasan National Park. Depending on the weather and snowfall, we will trek a section of either the Eorimok Trail or Euseungsaengak Trail to enjoy the snowy scenery and experience snowshoe trekking that does not require high technical skillset.

 After lunch, visit 1100 Altitude Wetland, located on the crater lake found on the top of an 'oreum,' a secondary volcano on Hallasan Mountain. This Wetland is one of the few wetlands in the highland and represents such biodiversity in Korea. As a volcanic area, this Wetland plays a significant role in the Halla Mountain area, where water is scarce. 

 A 10 KM stroll through Saryeoni Forest walking trail this afternoon passes by Mulchat Oreum Volcanic Cone and Saryeoni Oreum Volcanic Cone. Its ending point is thick with neat rows of Japanese cedar trees. A variety of species of trees grow in the forest and is a favourite among local hikers due to its untampered landscape.

 Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Stay: Shin Shin Hotel or similar

 Hiking Distance: approx. 15 KM                               Hiking Duration: approx. 5 – 6 hours


 Day 5    Olle Trail 8

 On this Badang Olle (seaside walk), you will have the opportunity to hike past Jusangjeolli Cliff where lava flowed to the ocean has cooled down to form striking hexagonal columns of basalt and the Yerae Ecological Park full of seasonal flowers.

 The route ends at Daepyeong-ri, a small village that delivers cosiness in harmony with the surrounding nature. Referring to the large field, the ocean meets the ridge of Andeok Valley, the village is also called Nandeureu. The scenery of the village Gunsan, the mountain overlooking the village, is gorgeous.

 Meal: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Stay: Jeju Whistle Lark Hotel or similar

 Hiking Distance: approx. 19.6 KM                           Hiking Duration: approx. 6 – 7 hours


Day 6    Depart Jeju

 Rise early for the group transfer to the airport. The tour concludes when the transfer arrives at Jeju International Airport.

 If you are extending on your own, the hotel check-out time is 12.00 PM.

 Meal: Nil

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