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Last updated: 20 Nov 2023


We support our students in every way! We offer students customized Turkish Airlines privileges that provide safe, fast options for reaching loved ones and schools, as well as new destinations. Special discounts and advantages for students with Miles&Smiles memberships widen the borders of exploration and learning. Register online now and enjoy domestic and international flight opportunities.

Discount advantages: 50% off domestic flights until 10.04.2023 then 20%; up to 10% off international flights and special prices on international one-way flights

Baggage allowance: 40 kg on international flights (2*23 kg on flights implementing the Piece Concept), advantageous excess baggage fees for domestic flights.

Free ticket change: One-time free ticket change right for international flights (charges are applicable if the new ticket is a different fare class).

Earn Extra Miles: 25% more Miles to be earned from all flights by the end of 2022

Welcome Miles: An extra 1000 Miles for new memberships and 2000 Miles in total



  • On domestic flights and flights to/from Ercan Airport, the advantages are valid on one-way or round-trip Economy and Business Class flights.
  • To benefit from the student flight ticket advantages, students must be Miles&Smiles members. The Miles&Smiles membership number must be entered when completing the “Student Discount Application Form”.
  • Turkish citizen students creating/logging-into a Miles&Smiles account and studying in Türkiye are required to select the “Student” option in the “Personal Information” field in their accounts. After this field is selected, controls will be provided through the system to confirm the student status. Persons whose student status has been approved may begin to enjoy advantages.
  • If studying abroad, regardless of the citizenship requirement, after joining the Miles&Smiles program, all students can complete the “Student Discount Application Form” on the Turkish Airlines website or register as a student at a Turkish Airlines sales office.
  • After registration is completed through the online application form, the necessary checks will be provided by Turkish Airlines within an average of seven business days. Once the student status is approved, members can begin enjoying privileges.
  • The online application form must include the Miles&Smiles membership number, name, surname and date of birth. In addition, applicants must upload a student ID or other official document that confirms their status.
  • Student ID cards (university, college, high school, language school, etc.), ISIC cards, student certificates or transcripts may be uploaded to the online application form. The application will accommodate documents in any language, but languages other than Turkish or English may take longer to process.
  • Only students between 13-25 years of age may benefit from student flight ticket advantages, on domestic flights and flights to/from Ercan Airport.
  • The information on the online application form, the Miles & Smiles membership account and uploaded student ID / document must be the same.
  • Advantages are available to individuals who have an ID card or student certificate signed or approved by a competent authority. The student’s institution information and/or emblem, name, surname, and date of birth must be included on any official student identity card or document.
  • The name, surname and date of birth must be clear on the uploaded student ID/document. The ID/ document must have a valid wet signature, label or seal issued by the relevant authorities.
  • Persons whose student status has been approved may purchase tickets from the Turkish Airlines website, mobile application and sales offices.
  • For tickets purchased through online channels, students must log into their Miles&Smiles account and select “student” as the passenger type at the time of ticket selection.
  • The definition of studentship loses its validity at the end of one year. To continue to benefit from the student flight ticket advantages, a new application must be made at the end of one year.
  • For transactions made through Turkish Airlines online channels, the discount and the discounted fare can be seen at the bottom of the page, after the flight selection.
  • On domestic flights only discounts are available, other advantages are not applied. Discount is 20% on domestic flights and 15% on flights to/from Ercan Airport at base rate. The taxes are not included and the discount is not applied in promotion (V/P/W/U/F/G) classes.
  • On domestic flights and flights to/from Ercan Airport, the baggage allowance is the same for student and adult passenger type.
  • There is no exemption for student passenger type in the change rules for domestic flights and flights to/from Ercan Airport.
  • This advantage is valid only for scheduled flights operated by Turkish Airlines. It is not valid for AnadoluJet flights, Turkish Airlines codeshare flights and Star Alliance partner airline flights.
  • There may be more than one passenger in the PNR, and discounts / fees will be calculated separately for passengers with student status and other type of passengers.
  • The extra 25% Miles to be earned from flights until the end of 2022 offered within the scope of the campaign are not Status Miles and can be used as Bonus Miles.
  • The present given to new members what is designated as Welcome Miles are 1000 Miles. However, it will be given as 2000 Miles within the scope of this campaign.
  • In order to benefit from the Welcome Miles, you must be a Miles&Smiles new member, have a student notification and be actively a student, and have not received Welcome Miles before.
  • General Miles&Smiles rules apply regarding miles earned. Features such as validity period do not vary within the scope of the campaign.
  • Promotional fares are not valid for group reservations.
  • Rights under the campaign may not be transferred.
  • The original of the ID or document uploaded to the Student Discount Application Form must be presented during the check-in process if requested. A photo or photocopy of the card/document will not be accepted.
  • If it is determined that the passenger is not eligible for the discount, they will not be permitted to travel.
  • Student flight ticket advantages can not be combined with any award ticket usage.
  • Student discount fares may not be combined with other Turkish Airlines campaigns and discounts.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to take legal action against those concerned in the event of any rule violations.
  • Turkish Airlines reserves the right to change the campaign terms and conditions, definitions, and other information, and to cancel the campaign.