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In the heart of Jeollabuk-do, Jeonju beckons as an unmissable destination in 2024, a mere two-hour drive from Seoul. Renowned for its cultural richness and culinary delights, this city offers a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Explore the enchanting Jeonju Hanok Village, where traditional Korean architecture comes alive. Dive into history at Gyeonggijeon Shrine and Jeonju Hyanggyo Local Confucian School, immersing yourself in the city's cultural heritage. Navigate the bustling Jeonju Traditional Market, a treasure trove of local flavors and crafts.

Jeonju is synonymous with the iconic Jeonju Bibimbap, a culinary masterpiece. For panoramic views, embark on a hike to Jeonju Omokdae and Imokdae, reveling in the breathtaking scenery of the city and Hanok Village.

To fully embrace Jeonju's charm, don a hanbok and spend the night in a traditional hanok, creating an immersive cultural experience. In 2024, Jeonju invites you to discover its rich history, culinary delights, and traditional charm, promising an unforgettable journey just a short drive away from Seoul.

Explore Jeonju