Neighbour Free Seats with SriLankan Airlines

SriLankan Airlines

Last updated: 10 March 2023


Health and safety is our first priority at SriLankan Airlines. This is why we have introduced Neighbour Free Seats on our flights for your convenience. Fly in comfort with more space, at the most reasonable fares.

Am I eligible to purchase a Neighbour Free Seat?

If you have booked an Economy class seat and your flight is within 48 hours and 4 hours of departure, you may reserve a Neighbour Free Seat online, subject to the following conditions.

  • Your flight must be operated by SriLankan Airlines and you must have a ticket number starting with 603
  • The Neighbour Free Seat facility is not available for passengers who have made special service requests such as Wheelchair, Stretcher, Infant seats and Bassinet
  • This facility is also not available for deportees
  • This service may not be available on certain flights due to operational reasons

How do I get a Neighbour Free Seat?

Simply enter your name and six-character reference number below. If you can’t find your booking reference, please get in touch with us through via email or through our global call center.


  1. The flight must be made eligible by SriLankan Airlines to accept the Neighbour Free Seat service and must be within 48 hours and 4 hours of departure.
  2. Granting of this service will be based on the availability of seats
  3. The passenger must have purchased a valid economy-class ticket starting with the ticket number 603 and must be operated by SriLankan Airlines.
  4. The purchase will apply only to the requested flight segment.
  5. Neighbour Free Seat facility is not available for passengers who have made special service requests such as Wheelchair, Stretcher, infant seats, Bassinet seats and also deportees
  6. Neighbour Free Seats once purchased cannot be assigned and/or transferred to another flight or to another passenger.
  7. SriLankan Airlines reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether or not to
    • offer this service on any flight.
    • Accept this offer on any flight.
    • makes no representation that any passenger will have Neighbour Free Seats confirmed regardless of whether or not seats are available in the class of service for which an offer is being made.
    • remove the seat blocked for any operational or commercial reasons, while in this case a refund will be guaranteed to passengers.
  8. This service is applicable for instant purchase. Refund post purchase is not allowed.
  9. There will be no refunds, credits, or exchanges once your Neighbour Free Seats request has been accepted by SriLankan Airlines and your credit card has been charged, except under the following conditions:.
    • The flight for which you purchased a Neighbour Free Seat was accepted was cancelled, and SriLankan Airlines re-accommodated you on another flight, in which case the amount paid for the Neighbour Free Seat/s will be refunded to the payment card that was used to purchase the service and SriLankan Airlines shall have no further liability to you.
    • You were not able to be seated in the assigned seats or your free seats were assigned to another passenger for reasons attributable to SriLankan Airlines, including, but not limited to, an overbooked flight, a change in equipment, a delay in the connecting flight that resulted in your missing the connection on which you were assigned a Neighbour Free Seat, but excluding reasons attributable to your actions, including, but not limited to, you on your own volition opting to change flights, seats, you missing a flight and other such actions of your own doing
  10. SriLankan Airlines does not guarantee specific seat assignments to passengers who purchase Neighbour Free Seats. It may be necessary to move you from a pre-reserved seat to offer you the Neighbour Free Seat experience, (Pre-reserved Seat Assignment includes Standard Seat and Exit Row Seat). In this case, the pre-reserved seat fees are not refundable.
  11. Purchasing a Neighbour Free Seat does NOT include lounge access, additional baggage allowance, bonus miles or any other special service onboard.
  12. SriLankan Airlines reserves the right to amend the foregoing conditions at any time and at its sole discretion.
  13. By submitting your request, the passenger accepts all terms and conditions of the Neighbour Free Seats service.