8D6N Twin Theme Korea Busan + Jeju


People's Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross St, #02-27, S058357

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8 days

Group Tours

Availability: 28 Apr 2023 to 15 Aug 2023


Twin Theme park
•Lotte Magic Forest 乐天魔法森林乐园
•Asan Spavis 牙山SPAVIS温泉乐园
•Rainbow Coastline of Dodubong, Jeju 济州道头峰彩虹海岸线
•Seongsan Sunrise Peak 城山日出峰
•Seongeup Folk Village 城邑⺠俗村

Meal Plan

6 Breakfast/ 6 Lunches/3 Dinners
6 早餐/ 6 午餐 /3 晚餐


5* Gloucester Hotel Jeju or similar
5* Wangyijimil Hanok Village or similar
5* Asti / Ramada Busan or similar
4* Ibis style Myeongdong / Yongsan or similar


DAY1 Singapore 新加坡 – Incheon 仁川

  • Assemble at Changi Airport, and travel with Webuy to Incheon.
    集聚于新加坡樟宜机场, 一起和优佳旅游⻜往仁川。

DAY2 仁川 Incheon – 济州 Jeju

  • Upon arrival, transfer to Gimpo Airport and depart to Jeju island. 抵达后,转机前往金浦机场,然后前往济州岛。
  • Proceed to Rainbow Coastline of Dodubong, it is a barrier wall painted in rainbow colour. 前往道头峰彩虹海岸线,这是一堵涂有彩虹色的屏障墙。
  • Heading to Iho Tewoo Horse lighthouse. 2 lighthouses that are red and white and built in the shape of the Jeju pony, the seaside scenery complement each other. 前往梨湖⻢灯塔,2座红白相间的灯塔,以济州小⻢的形状建造,海滨⻛景相辅相成。
  • Explore the Dongmen market with free and leisure. 探索东⻔市场享受自由时间。

DAY3 Jeju济州岛

  • Proceed to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, world heritage site of sightseeing and climb up to peak view the beautiful scenery. 前往城山日出峰,为世界自然遗产,顺阶而上,登顶可⻅一览美景。
  • Discover the Stone Culture Park with the legend of the goddess Seolmundae
    and the Five Hundred General Stones of Jeju Island, a volcanic island. 探索石头文化公园,以创造火山岛济州岛的女神雪⻔台婆婆和五百将军石的传说故事
  • Follow the road south to admire the golden rapeseed fields (seasonal). 沿路南下欣赏⻩金般的油菜花田(季节性)。
  • Transfer to cave green tea plantation that surrounded with aroma of green tea.
    接下来前往洞穴茶园,周围弥漫着绿茶的香气 。
  • Depart to Seongeup Folk Village visit the Jeju Island’s culture. 城邑⺠俗村,参观了解济州岛文化乡情。
  • Eco 生态乐园

DAY4 Jeju 济州 – Busan 釜山

  • Flight to Busan, visit Gamcheon-dong Culture, a Korean mural village known as “Santorini in Busan”. 抵达后,前往游览甘川洞文化, 号称“釜山圣托里尼”韩国壁画村。
  • Travel to Haedong Yonggung Temple, which is the only temple in South Korea built on the seaside & surrounded by mountains and coast. 前往海东⻰宫寺,这是韩国唯一一座建在海边且被群山和海岸环绕的寺庙。
  • Proceed to Songdo Skywalk, connecting Songdo Beach and Turtle Island, and view Wuliu Island, Haeundae. 游览松岛天空步道,连接松岛海水浴场与龟岛,远眺五六岛、海云台.
  • Free at leisure at NampoDong. 南浦洞步行街逛街。

DAY5 Busan 釜山 – Jeonju 全州

  • Proceed to Lotte Magic Forest. A new themed forest goblin village opened in 2022 and a parent-child theme park with the concept of animal farm.
  • Heading to Jangnim Port Bunezia, known as the “Venice of Busan”. The painted houses on both sides of the strait and the moored boats are unique and exotic.
    接下来前往⻓林浦口渔港,素有“釜山威尼斯”,两岸彩绘屋加上停 泊的小船艇,别有异国⻛情。
  • Next, transfer to Jeonju. Jeonju is the hometown of the Joseon royal family and place of origin of Food culture and Korea Paper. 前往全州。全州是朝鲜王室的故乡,也是韩⻝丶韩服以及韩纸等韩 国文化发源地。
  • You will visit to Hanok Village, as heritage well preserved largest Hanok Village among in Korea. You will be experience overnight stay at Hanok Village. 游览全州韩屋村 ,是当今韩国保留最大最完整的韩屋村群,逛一逛 古城韩屋村的特色,外观殿洞圣堂。今晚特别安排韩屋村住宿体验!

DAY6 Jeonju 全州- Seoul 首尔

  • Visit Deokjin Park, as famous with Korea’s biggest lotus pond and be visit to Hanok Style Library in Park 前往德津公园,欣赏韩国最大的荷花池与韩屋村主题图书馆留影。
  • Next, visit to Korea Traditional Culture Center DIY Korea Paper Artwork.
  • Proceed to Asan Spavis. Asan onsen area is one of the oldest hot springs among in Korea. The water theme park hosts a four-season resort, wave pool, kids’ swimming pool and lazy river.(Own Swimsuit). 前往牙山SPAVIS温泉主题乐园。牙山温泉历史至少1600年以上,而牙山 SPAVIS是少有以温泉为主题的水世界室内外乐园(自备泳装)。
  • Free and leisure at Hongdae. 弘大自由活动。

DAY7 Seoul 首尔

  • Visit Korea Ginseng Galleries, the representative will introduce more details of Korea Ginseng. 参观人参特产店,专业解说员介绍高丽人参,认识高丽人参与它奇特之处。
  • Next, move towards to the Beauty Cosmetic Duty Free Center, and healthy liver galleries. 前往美妆免税店和护肝宝特产店。
  • Arrange to enjoy Korean art performance – Graffiti Show. 安排欣赏韩国艺术表演 – 涂鸦秀。

DAY8 仁川Incheon – 新加坡Singapore

  • Heading to Local Product Shop前往土特产店(subject to flight arrangement
  • Proceed to the airport to check-in for your flight to Singapore. It is a pleasure to have you travel with us, we look forward to your next journey to travel with WEBUY. 安排机场办理登机手续返回新加坡。感谢您与优佳旅游一路相伴,忆

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