10D7N Ciao Italy Tour Package


People's Park Centre, 101 Upper Cross St, #02-27, S058357

SGD 3,348

10 days

Group Tours


[Package Included]
-Return Flight Tickets
-Meals as per itinerary

[Package Excluded]
-Airport Tax
-Visa (If needed)
-Travel Insurance
-Optional Tour
-Tipping €100 per person per trip


DAY 1 – Singapore新加坡 – Milan⽶兰

Singapore to Milan, Capital Fashion and Design.

DAY 2 – Milan⽶兰


Transfer Milan City Tour:

  • Sforza Castle斯福尔扎城堡
  • Formal Residence of Duke of Milan⽶兰公爵的故居
  • Duomo Cathedral⼤教堂
  • Victor Emmanuelle II Galleria维克多·艾曼纽⼆世⻓廊
  • Da Vinci Square 达芬奇⼴场
  • La Scala Opera House斯卡拉歌剧院

DAY 3 – Milan⽶兰 – Venice 威尼斯

Transfer to Venice:

  • Private Boat私⼈游船 (Included包含)
  • The Bridge of Sighs 叹息桥
  • Doge’s Palace 总督宫
  • Visit Venetian Glass Blowing Factories参观威尼斯玻璃吹制⼚

DAY 4 – Venice 威尼斯– Florence佛罗伦萨 – Tuscany托斯卡纳

Transfer to Florence:

  • Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral圣⺟百花⼤教堂
  • Piazza Signoria领主⼴场
  • Ponte Vecchio旧桥
  • Door of Paradise at the Baptistery of St Giovanni圣乔凡尼洗礼堂的天堂之⻔
  • Piazzale Michelangelo⽶开朗基罗⼴场

DAY 5 Tuscany 托斯卡纳– Pisa ⽐萨-The Mall奥特莱斯 – Tuscany托斯卡纳

Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa

Transfer to Pisa:

  • Square of Miracle奇迹⼴场
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa⽐萨斜塔
  • The Duomo⼤教堂
  • The Baptistery洗礼堂
  • Transfer to The Mall前往奥特莱斯
  • Shopping Time欢畅的⾃由购物时间

DAY 6 – Tuscany 托斯卡纳– Napoli那不勒斯

Transfer to Napoli:

  • Piazza del Plebiscito普雷⽐席特⼴场
  • Royal Palace of Naples那不勒斯皇宫
  • Palazzo Calabritto卡拉布⾥托宫
  • Ovo Castle蛋堡

DAY 7 – Napoli 那不勒斯– Pompeii庞⻉ – Rome 罗⻢

Transfer to PompeiI:

  • Ancient ruins of Pompeii 庞⻉古城遗址(Entrance Included含⻔票)
  • View Basilica, the Forum, the thermal baths, a brothel, some residential homes游览⼤教堂,法庭,温泉浴场,妓院,沿街住宅

DAY 8 – Rome罗⻢ – Vatican City梵蒂冈城 – Rome罗⻢

Transfer to Vatican City:

  • St Peter Basilica 圣彼得⼤教堂- Visit the world’s largest church 梵 蒂冈城参观世界上最⼤的教堂

Transfer to Rome:

  • View Colosseum 参观⽃兽场
  • Spanish Steps⻄班⽛台阶
  • Make a wish at Trevi Fountain在特莱维喷泉前许下愿望

DAY 9 – Rome罗⻢ – Singapore新加坡

  • Rome to Singapore

DAY 10 – Singapore新加坡

  • Arrival Singapore抵达新加坡


  • Prices do not include airport taxes.
  • Airport taxes and fuel surcharge are subject to change.
  • Prices are subject to change upon verification of the order.
  • Sequence of itinerary is subject to change without prior notice.
  • Subject to Group Size for confirmation.
  • Tour package does not include visa, travel insurance and tipping.


  • If visas are required, the procedure will be given upon verification of the orders.
  • Only long-term residence permits in Singapore are able to apply (PR/EP/SP/LTVP/DP)

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