7D5N Pink’s Story in Korea


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Availability: 01 Jan 2023 to 30 Jun 2023


7D5N Pink’s Story in Korea

  • Flight via Asiana Airlines / T’way / Singapore Airlines

[Special Highlights]

  • Jayu Park
  • Nami Island
  • Yeouido Park


  • Fairy Tale Village of Songwol-dong
  • Chinatown


  • Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park
  • Chuncheon Dakgalbi Street


  • Art Valley (Monorail)
  • Namsan Baekbeom Square
  • Nanshan Hanok Village
  • Kimchi School – DIY Kimchi
  • Korean art performance – Graffiti Show

[Special Gourmet]

  • Samgye-tang
  • Jokbal

[Package Included]

  • Return Flight Tickets 
  • Accommodations 
  • Meals as per itinerary 

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  • Airport Tax 
  • Visa (If needed) 
  • Travel Insurance  
  • Tipping USD 90 per person per trip 

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  • Only long-term residence permits in Singapore are able to apply (PR/EP/SP/LTVP/DP)


新加坡Singapore – 仁川,韩国
Incheon, Korea.

  • 集聚于新加坡樟宜机场, 由我们专业的领队接待协助您办理登机⼿续,预备⻜往仁川,韩国。
  • Assemble at Changi Airport, meet and greet with our tour leader proceed check in your pleasant flight to Incheon, Korea.

仁川 Incheon-京畿道Gyeonggi-do
(Dinner晚餐:⽯锅拌饭定⻝ )

village of Songwol-dong
village of Songwol-dong
  • 抵达仁川,由热情与专业的导游接待前往仁川松⽉洞童话村,从没落⼩村庄华丽转身将童话名著为主题,彩绘 整个村庄为各个主题,成为韩国最热⻔景点之⼀。沿途前往善隣洞唐⼈街,有着浓郁的中国⽓息也是南韩华裔 聚集地。续程前往韩国5⼤赏樱胜地,漫步于⼈⽓韩剧《⻤怪》拍摄地之⼀的仁川⾃由公园, 除了樱花也可以 远眺仁川港。
  • Upon arrive, we shall visit to fairy tale village of Songwol-dong, Incheon where characters from classic tales of Korea and the West are brought to life. Continue walk along the way to Chinatown, is the first & largest Chinatown in Korea, formed in 1884. Next, we shall visit to Jayu Park which is an urban park located in Incheon, as top 5 cherry blossom spot among in Seoul. Not only cherry blossom or festival, you can view the Incheon port too.

(Breakfast早餐/Lunch午餐: 春川铁板鸡炒年糕 /Dinner晚餐: 韩定⻝ )

  • 早餐后,前往江原道南怡岛.南怡岛四季格外靓丽,⽆论是岛上江边的垂樱林,夏季松树 林,秋季⽔杉路,冬季⽩桦林皆是海内外游客不可错过的景点。续程前往加平瑞⼠村,韩系浓郁版的⼩瑞⼠⻛格,也是诸多韩剧拍摄取景地。接下来前往·春川明洞朝陽洞街⾃ 由购物,也是江原道最受欢迎的步⾏街之⼀。
  • After breakfast, head to Nami Island. This beautiful island is that it showcases a different, yet equally amazing, scenic experience each season. Next journey travel to Edelweiss Swiss Theme Park, Symbolic of traditional Swiss architecture, Edelweiss Park can be mistaken to be a carbon copy of some of Switzerland’s iconic small towns. Then, transfer to Chuncheon Dakgalbi Street (Myeongdong) free and leisure.

⾸尔 Seoul
(Breakfast早餐/Lunch午餐:⽶其林推荐五⾹猪脚 )

Namsan Baekbeom Square
Namsan Baekbeom Square
  • 早餐后,前往艺术峡⾕(含电瓶⻋),它前身是废弃的花岗岩采⽯场,现已成为时下热 ⻔景点。下午前往⾸尔城郭遗迹之⽩凡⼴场,除了俯瞰韩国市景⾊外,⼤家还可以进⼀ 步了解韩国城墙的意义。接下来前往⼈参免税中⼼,由专业解说员介绍⾼丽⼈参。今 晚,前往明洞商圈⾃由购物。
  • After breakfast, proceed to visit Art Valley (Monorail), recreated as a lake with rainfalls and streams flowing, enjoy the view of cliff. Then, follow the next visit to Namsan Park, walk toward to Namsan Baekbeom Square, from top view admire Seoul. Tonight, free and leisure at Myeong Dong.

⾸尔 Seoul
(Breakfast早餐/Lunch午餐/Dinner晚餐 )

  • 早餐后, 前往南⼭⾕韩屋村欣赏到沿南⼭⼭脚⽽建的各种传统造景式溪⾕、凉亭及由花 草⽽组成的传统⽂化时代村。续程前往美妆免税中⼼,您可在这⾥购买各⼤护肤保养品 牌的体验。接下来前往泡菜学校,体验DIY制作泡菜,您还可以试穿韩服拍照。接下来 前往汝矣岛公园,它也是韩国最受欢迎赏樱圣地。今晚,您将安排欣赏韩国艺术表演 涂鸦秀。
  • After breakfast, visit to Nanshan Hanok Village enjoys a variety of traditional landscaped valleys, pavilions and traditional culture era villages composed of flowers and plants along the foot of Namsan Mountain. Continue to the Beauty ComesticDuty Free Center, where you can buy experiences from major skin care and maintenance brands. Next, go to Kimchi School to experience DIY kimchi making, and you can also try on Hanbok and take pictures. Next, head to Yeouido Park, which is also the most popular cherry blossom viewing spot in Korea. Tonight, you will arrange to enjoy Korean art performance – Graffiti Show.

⾸尔 Seoul
(Breakfast早餐 )

  • ⾃由活动Free and leisure

仁川Incheon – 新加坡Singapore
(Breakfast早餐 )

  • 视航班时段调整**,前往⼟特产做最后冲刺购买后,安排机场办理登机⼿续返回温暖的 家新加坡。感谢您⼀路的相伴,忆起旅途,我们期待再次与您相约之旅。
  • After breakfast, proceed to the airport for check-in your pleasant flight to Singapore. Appreciate for you accompany thru the journey, we look forward your next travelling journey with us soon.


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