8D7N Mongolia Odyssey With Mini Gobi Desert

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SGD 3,988

8 days

Group Tours

Availability: 01 Nov 2022 to 30 Jun 2023


Unique Accommodation

  • 4N stay in Mongolia city centrally located 4-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Hotel*
  • Unique 3N stay at Ger lodging with ensuite bathroom at UNESCO World Heritage site Karakorum, Elsentasarkha and Terelj National Park


  • Bactrian Camel Riding at Elsentasarkha Mini Gobi Desert
  • Enjoy Mini-Naadam Festival
  • Sand dunes hike at Elsentasarkhai
  • Connected with local nomad, partake archery and traditional The Deel dress-up session
  • Star gazing opportunities at Karakorum and Terelj National Park
  • Visit 2 UNESCO World Heritage sites Karakorum and Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape
  • Enjoy a Mongolian cultural performance
  • Shopping spree at Lhamour Skin Care Factory and Galleria Ulaanbaatar cashmere outlet


  • 100% meals with 4 different cuisines inclusions such as Mongolian, Western, Korean and Chinese
  • Mongolian Lamb BBQ dinner with campfire at Terelj National Park Ger camp ·       “ Little Sheep” hotpot dinner
  • Nomadic ethnic cuisines at Ger Camp


  • Gandan Monastery
  • National Museum of Mongolia
  • Sukhbaatar (Great Chinggis Khaan Square)
  • Zaisan Memorial Hill
  • Statue Complex of Chinggis Khaan


  • Orkhon Valley Cultural Landscape
  • Khaadiin Khad Hill
  • The Rock Turtle
  • Karakorum Museum
  • Erdenezuu Museum


  • Turtle shaped rock Ariyabal temple



Meal on board/Dinner

Assemble at Changi Airport for your flight to Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia. Be greeted with a traditional Mongolia welcome to warm up your amazing journey into the last Nomadic country left in the world. Thereafter, proceed to hotel for check-in and a welcome dinner specially arranged for you.

Accommodation:: Local 5-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Hotel or similar


Breakfast/Lunch/Mongolian Style Dinner

Delve into in Mongolia’s nomadic lifestyle as we proceed to Karakorum, the ancient capital of the Mongol empire and a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the natural landscapes scenery as you drive through the sweeping plains that sporadically dotted by Gers and occasionally greeted by a herd of horses or a flock of sheep. Along the way, make a stop a Mongol Nomadic village for lunch and a chance to experience a local cultural and colourful mini Naadam Festival. See locals compete and display skillset in the three manly games such as wrestling, archery and horse racing. Here, you can partake to try Mongolian archery and enjoy a traditional dress-up session to flood your social media page with endless feed of that cultural perfect-picture you. Arrived at your unique lodging, Mongolia Ger nestled in a rural landscape under a blanket of stars. Indulge in your night stay surrounded with great views of the Mongolian steppes. Here, feels out of the world tranquillity with uninterrupted sunset views. After dinner, be fascinated by the night with stargazing joy, capture twinkling constellations and glowing planets just outside your tent.

Accommodation: Deluxe Karakorum/Elsentasarkhai Ger Lodging

Stargazing is subject to weather conditions.


Breakfast/Normadic Lunch/Dinner

Immerse yourself in a culture that spans millennial as we take a morning visit to visit awe-inspiring ancient monastery Erdenezuu that coexists within Kharkhorin town that is nestled within part of the World Heritage Site, Orkhon Valley Cultural. Capture a panoramic bird’s eye view of this heritage site at Khaadiin Khad Hill before we continue on to see the symbolic ruins of the ancient capital such as The Rock Turtle and Karakorum Museum. Mongolia’s intrinsic relationship with golden desert, mountain steppes and grasslands landscapes take centre stage as we today proceed to Elsentasarkhai. Enjoy a short hike at the sand dunes and snap endless picture-perfect that will fill up your social media feed and envious by your followers. This evening, experience a nomadic life with soul relaxing time at your unique lodging with the beauty of the plains coupling unspoilt sunset backdrop and starry twilights as the night fall. Tonight, is yet another opportunity for star gazing.

Accommodation: Deluxe Karakorum/Elsentasarkhai Ger Lodging  



This morning, proceed back to Ulaanbaatar and set your footings at some of the iconic city highlights. Start with the Museum of National History that houses the richest collection on the history of Mongolia, from stone age to modern times and featuring the unique culture & lifestyle of the nomads. Proceed on to the Gandan Monastery with religious services daily and view a display of a jewel decorated Migjid Janraisig statue that is built with donations of Mongolian people as a symbol of Buddhist revival in the mid-1990s. Final stop at Sukhbaatar Square also known as Great Chinggis Khaan Square. This is the main square in the heart of Ulaanbaatar. A large statue of Sukhbaatar, the famous patriot characterizes the square which is named after this historic figure. This evening, enjoy a must-see Mongolian cultural performance with its play of horse-headed fiddle, colorful dances, throat singing, contortion, and traditional songs.

Accommodation: Local 5-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Hotel or similar


Breakfast/Lunch/Mongolian Lamb BBQ dinner with campfire

More wonders to behold as we take a morning drive to Statue Complex of Chinggis Khaan to see the statue Chinggis Khaan Millennium Man, who established the biggest empire the world ever known. Visit the complex and enjoy view of the surrounding area and mountains from top of the statue, You can also have an up close encounter with wildlife eagle or horse ride at own expenses. Next, step back in time at the 13th Century Complex and take a up close encounter of Mongolian’s lifestyles and cultural impacts during the Great Mongol empire. Arrive at Terelj National Park this evening and stay connected with the uniqueness of the nomadic dwelling by residing at a Ger and a traditional lamb barbeque “khorkhog” camp-fire dinner

Accommodation: Deluxe Terelj National Park Ger Lodging


Breakfast/Lunch/Lamb and Beef Hotpot Dinner

Take your breath away at Terelj National Park. Next, we will visit iconic landmarks of the area, a turtle shaped rock and Ariyabal temple. Thereafter, bid farewell to normadic lifestyle as we proceed back to Ulaanbaatar to Zaisan Memorial Hill for a panoramic view of the city. Next, enjoy some retail therapy at a carpet outlet store, Galleria Ulaanbaatar” cashmere outlet and souvenir shop. This evening, tease your palette with a savoury hotpot dinner at the world’s largest hot pot “Little sheep” restaurant in Ulaanbaatar.

Accommodation: Local 5-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Hotel or similar  



Enjoy a relaxing morning before we proceed to learn more on organic skin care with a visit to Lhamour Skin Care Factory and bag home organic skin care products as souvenirs. Thereafter, the day is set free to explore this unspoilt city. You can take an optional tour to the Natural Museum and see displays of stuffed and embalmed local feature animals such as the rare Gobi bear, wild camel and the complete skeletons of the flesh-eating giant Tarbosaurus and the duck-billed Saurolophus that lived in the Gobi desert 60-70 million years ago, next browse the town’s main shopping strip, where you can pick up souvenirs, try local desserts or simply soak up the laidback and idyllic ambience.

Optional tour to Natural Museum and local shopping mall is USD$120 per adult and USD$90 per child.

Accommodation: Local 5-star Holiday Inn Ulaanbaatar Hotel or similar


Box Breakfast/Meal on board

Bid farewell to your once in a lifetime nomadic encounter as you transfer to airport for your flight home.

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