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Group Tours

Availability: 20 Nov 2023 to 26 Apr 2024


Assemble dates:

21 Apr 2024

26 Apr 2024

Cherry Blossom Viewing:

Matsushima (Matsushima Shima-meguri, Zuiganji Temple, Godaido Temple), Oitama Sakura Corridor (Yonezawa Castle Ruins, Matsugasaki Park, Uesugijinja), Eboshiyamakouen, Kitakami Tenshochi Sakura Festival, Morioka Castle Ruins Park, Kakunodate Bukeyashiki Street Sakura Festival, Lake Towada, Hirosaki Castle & Park Sakura Festival, Matsumae Park and Cherry Blossom Festival, Goryokaku Tower & Park

Unique experience:

Bullet Train Ride Experience from Aomori to Hakodate and Tokyo to Sendai, Greatest View from Hakodate by Ropeway

Sightseeing & Shopping Experience:

Ginzan Onsen Town, Chusonji Temple “Golden Hall”, Oirase Gorge, The Nebuta House Wa Rasse, Lake Onuma

Hotel/Ryokan Stays :

04 nights Japanese Onsen/Ryokan/Hotel at Hanamaki Onsen, Kazuno & Hakodate. 04 nights centrally located hotel in Tokyo, Matsushima, Yamagata & Aomori


Day 1 Assemble at Changi Airport for Check in

JL038 SIN-HND 0150-0950

Day 2 Tokyo 東京

Hotel: Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba or similar / Western room

Meal: Meal on Board / L / -

Upon arrival at Haneda Airport, coach transfer to a local resturant for lunch. After lunch, transfer to the hotel for check in. The rest of the day will be free and easy. Dinner will be under your own arrangement.

Day 3 Tokyo – Miyagi 東京 - 宮城

Hotel: Hotel Matsushima Taikanso or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

** Luggage will be delivery to Matsushima, please arrange small luggage for 01 day use.

After breakfast, take the Bullet Train Shinkansen from Tokyo Station to Sendai Station. Upon arrival, have lunch [Kaiseki] at a local restaurant. After lunch, visit Matsushima (松島) ✿. The bay area is dotted with 260 pine clad islands and has been ranked as one of Japan’s top 3 scenic views. Here, you will be taking the Matsushima Sightseeing Cruise (松島巡り観光船), visiting Zuiganji Temple (瑞巌寺) and Godaido Temple (五大堂). The cruise will bring you on a loop around the bay and details the history of several islands. You can also take a walk along the coastline at your own pace. Zuiganji Temple is the most important Zen temple in the Tohoku region when it was founded in 828. Lastly, Godaido Temple is known as the symbol of Matsushima. Here, the ornately carved hall is the oldest existing example of Momoyama architecture in the Tohoku region. In spring, sakuras bloom and color the hillsides and islands in varying shades of pink. Finally, transfer to Hanamaki onsen for hotel check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Buffet] at the hotel.

Day 4 Miyagi – Yamagata 宮城 - 山形

Hotel: Hotel Metropolitan Yamagata or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

This morning, start your day at the Okitama Sakura Corridor (置賜さくら回廊) ✿. The 43km sightseeing route covers over 20 cherry blossom spots with ancient trees that are between 500 to 1,200 years old. Along this route, we will be visiting Yonezawa Castle Ruins (米沢城跡), Matsugasaki Park (松が岬公園) and Uesugijinja (上杉神社). Matsugasaki Park is located on the grounds of the former Yonezawa Castle Ruins. Today, only the moat stands from the original castle layout, which provides a peaceful charm to the park. In spring, the park is especially popular for the cherry blossoms reflecting against the moats and vibrant traditional red bridges. Uesugijinja is a shrine honoring one of Japan’s bravest warriors, Uesugi Kenshin. Here, there is a treasure house filled with original artifacts and exhibits. After that, transfer to a local restaurant for lunch [Yonezawa Beef]. After lunch, visit Eboshiyamakouen (烏帽子山公園) ✿. The park is also situated along the sightseeing route and is one of the 100 best cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan. Here, you can enjoy memorable hanami views as well as sweeping views of the unmelted snow on the Azuma Mountain Range. Finally, transfer to hotel for check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Japanese Kaiseki] at the hotel restaurant.

Day 5 Yamagata – Akita 山形 - 秋田

Hotel: Hotel Hanamaki or similar / Japanese room

Meal: B / - / D

After breakfast, visit Ginzan Onsen (銀山温泉). One of Japan’s nicest old fashioned onsen towns. Here, you can explore on your own, try out a public or foot bath or venture to the nearby waterfall. You might also see cherry blossoms blooming at various spots in the town. This afternoon, lunch will be under your own arrangement at Ginzan Onsen. After lunch, visit Kitakami Tenshochi Sakura Festival (北上展勝地さくらまつり) ✿. The festival is held yearly at Kitakami Tenshochi Park and is considered Tohoku’s top 3 cherry blossom viewing spots. Spanning over 300 hectares, you can walk under the canopy of sakuras while enjoying festival food. Finally, transfer to the hotel and check in. Tonight, enjoy dinner [Buffet] at the hotel restaurant.

Day 6 Akita – Iwate 秋田 - 岩手

Hotel: Hotel Kazuno or similar / Japanese room

Meal: B / L / D

This morning, start your day at Chusonji Temple (中尊寺) ✿. Established in 850, the temple is the most famous one out of the many in Hiraizumi. It is nicknamed the Kyoto of the East and was the Tohoku region’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Golden Hall, similar to Kinkakuji Temple in Kyoto, is completely covered in gold leaf. Here, you will not only be able to see sakuras in full bloom, but also the Chusonji lotus that was germinated from the 800 year old seeds found in the Golden Hall. The next stop, Morioka Castle Ruins Park (盛岡城跡公園) ✿, was originally constructed in 1597 and was preserved as a park in 1906. The well preserved stone walls are a nice contrast to the soft pink cherry blossoms, making it a popular cherry blossom viewing spot. In May, you can also see wisterias along Tsurugaike Pond in the park. After lunch [Wanko Soba] at a local restaurant, continue your journey to Kakunodate Bukeyashiki-dori Street (角館武家屋敷通り) ✿. The street is lined with old samurai houses and still retains the flavour of a castle town. It has been highly praised as a cherry blossom viewing site with its’ postcard-like scenery, weeping sakura planted over 300 years ago and about 2km of Yoshino cherry trees. Thereafter, transfer to hotel for check in and dinner [Buffet].

Day 7 Iwate – Aomori 岩手 - 青森

Hotel: Hotel Aomori or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

After breakfast, we will visit Oirase Gorge (奥入瀬渓流). One of the most beautiful river valleys in Japan, the gorge extends over 14km starting from Lake Towada. The lush green forest has an enchanting atmosphere with the many waterfalls and thick woods. We will then move to the starting point of the gorge, Lake Towada (十和田湖) ✿. The largest dual caldera lake in Honshu, the main island of Japan, sits 400m above sea level. Spring is one of the best time to visit when the surrounding foliage turns pink and reflects against the impossibly clear and rich blue waters. Next, enjoy your lunch [Kiritanpo] at a local restaurant before transferring to Hirosaki to visit Hirosaki Castle (弘前城). Widely considered to be one of Japan's most beautiful castles. The nearby Hirosaki Park Sakura Festival (弘前さくらまつり) ✿, one of Japan’s top locations for hanami, showcases various kinds of cherry blossoms. Finally, transfer to the hotel for check in. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Dinner Course] at the hotel restaurant.

Day 8 Aomori – Hakodate 青森 - 函館

Hotel: La Visa Hakodate Bay or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / D

** Luggage will be delivery to Hakodate, please arrange small luggage for 01 day use.

After breakfast this morning, start your day at The Nebuta House Warasse (ねぶたの家 ワ・ラッセ). The museum is dedicated to Aomori’s famous Nebuta Matsuri that takes place annually in August. It captures the festival spirit, atmosphere, history and traditions with the lanterns, actual life-size floats used in the festival as well as music and dancers. Next, enjoy your lunch [Japanese Cuisine] at a local restaurant before taking the Bullet Train Shinkansen from Shin Aomori to Shin Hakodate Hokuto Staion. Transfer to Hakodate City by coach. Next, you will be visiting Lake Onuma (大沼). The lake is known for its picturesque, island dotted lakes and majestic Mt. Komagatake. In spring, it is popular amongst birdwatchers for its diverse variety of avian species and blooming flora and fauna. Then, head to the hotel for check in before ending the night on Mt. Hakodate Ropeway (函館山ロープウェイ) and be mesmerized by the famous nightscape of Hakodate. The 334m high mountain is located on the southern end of Hakodate and is included in Japan’s best night views. Tonight, enjoy your dinner [Western-style Meal] at a local restaurant before transferring to the hotel.

Day 9 Hakodate 函館

Hotel: La Visa Hakodate Bay or similar / Western room

Meal: B / L / -

After breakfast, start your day at Matsumae Park (松前公園) ✿. The park houses Matsumae Castle which was the northernmost Japanese castle in the Edo period and the only one to be constructed in Hokkaido. It is one of the best places to experience the Matsumae Cherry Blossom Festival with over 10,000 trees in full bloom, delicious festival food and historic ruins. This afternoon, enjoy lunch [Japanese Meal] at a local restaurant before visiting Goryokaku Tower and Park (五稜郭) ✿. The 107m tower overlooks Fort Goryokaku, a massive star-shaped, Western-style citadel built at the end of the Edo period. From here, you would be able to see the grand Mt. Hakodate and Yokotsu mountain range. Cherry blossoms are also in full bloom throughout the city so enjoy the spectacular bird’s eye view and up close in the park! Next, transfer back to the hotel and the rest of the day is free at your own leisure. Dinner will be your own arrangement.

Day 10 Hakodate – Haneda – Singapore 函館 - 東京 - 新加坡

Meal: B / - / -

JL588 HKD-HND 1945-2120

JL035 HND-SIN 0005-0615

After breakfast, free at your own leisure.

In the evening, we will make our way to Hakodate Airport for transit flight JL588 to Haneda Airport and return to Singapore. We hope that you have enjoyed this vacation with JTB and we look forward to helping you create your next perfect moments, always!

Day 11 Singapore 新加坡

Arrive Singapore

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